Zuma Says You’ll ‘Feel Peaceful Inside’ If You Vote ANC


President Zuma is a Peaceful man. He wouldn’t be bothered by the troubles coming his way. If you need such kind of peace, with zero-worries to live above the many calls for your head to roll, it’s not far-fetched. Just vote ANC.

Based on a Sowetan LIVE report, Honorable President Jacob Zuma said you’ll feel peaceful inside if you vote ANC. The jolly President told supporters of his precious party in Uitenhage that the African National Congress (ANC) wouldn’t be intimidated by the wails of opposition parties.

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Zuma was addressing the crowd at the Uitenhage taxi rank today, in order to gather the much-needed driving power that will strengthen a positive response to ANC’s manifesto launch in Nelson Mandela Bay this weekend.

The President said, “we are here to ask for your votes. When you vote for the ANC you feel peaceful inside.”

According to the aforementioned report, the President before his short address, walked around the Uitenhage mall chatting up shop owners‚ hawkers and ordinary citizens.

“Some people screamed: ‘Zuma‚ I’m hungry’‚ and ‘buy us baby formula‚ we are struggling‚ Zuma’‚ as the president walked around the taxi rank and mall,” the reported related.

The jolly President waved along saying: “We will fix these issues‚ we have started and we will continue to do so.” Meanwhile, some taxi drivers were reportedly angered by Zuma’s presence. But it was majorly because the President’s mini rally was delaying their business.

The DA yesterday, related that the NMB municipality “blocked an application by the DA to hold a mass protest against the corruption of Jacob Zuma’s ANC, by refusing the DA permission to hold a protest tomorrow outside City Hall.”

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