What’s next for Sarah Langa and Her Former Husband Jehan Mackay since Their Divorce?

Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay were once among the most beautiful couples around.  When news first broke that the social media influencer and the businessman were an item, many hoped they would walk the mile, get married, have lovely kids, and then live till forever. Unfortunately, they got married, but less than three years after, they walked their separate ways in divorce.

Both Sarah and her former hubby seem to be doing well for themselves since the end of their union, but the rumor and speculations have continued to fly around on what led to the end of their union, and how they are patching up with their lives away from each other.

Social Media Played A Role In The Divorce of Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay

Two years and ten months after walking down the aisle, cracks had already been shown in the union of Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay after the latter was walked out of the couple’s home in Brynston, Johannesburg, in September 2019. By December of the same year, it became apparent that there would unlikely be patching up as Mackay asked his estranged wife to also move out.

What played the key role in the failed young marriage was said to be the sheer obsession of Langa with social media. Not only did she spend a long time on social media platforms, but she also plastered it with family pictures and other details that her husband would have loved to be private, and so he was not comfortable with that.

Apart from throwing everything out to the public and taking too much time, the obsession of Langa with social media was said to have also affected the communication between the two. According to divorce papers, the marriage had reached a point where it could no longer be salvaged, and it had irretrievably broken. It added that the two involved were no longer compatible as they did not share common interests.

There Were Efforts To Save The Marriage

Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay
Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay (Image Source)

Initially, Jehan made an effort at fixing things by inviting family members over for a meeting because not only was he affected by what was going on, the marriage was also suffering. Unfortunately, as it would turn out, the efforts of family members were not enough to turn things around for the better.

A while before the couple separated, it was revealed that they attended marriage counseling together to salvage their marriage that was already on a free fall. Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay attended the sessions for up to four months, but there was little or no improvement.

Apart from the aforementioned, it is not known if there were some other efforts put in by the two involved before they pulled out the plugs.

A Look At The Love Life Of Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay While It Lasted

The start of the relationship between Sarah Langa and Jehan Mackay is one that has always been interesting to tell. When they first met, Sarah revealed that they were both involved with other people. But more than that, she worked for the South African businessman as his personal shopper. He hired her to revamp his wardrobe, being the fashion blogger that she was.

For a while, Sarah, who once dated South African hip hop artist, K.O- Ntokozo Mdluli, and Jehan remained professional for the most part after they met before they later ended the relationships they were in and started dating in 2015. Even with 11 years between them, neither the model nor the businessman was worried about that. Nonetheless, when she first knew how old he was, she thought he was too old and didn’t consider dating him until she changed her mind.

By 2016, they took the next step by getting engaged, and then four months later, they had a traditional marriage. Sarah took to her social media to reveal that she was now married to her best friend, lover, and biggest crush. When they got married, she was turning 26 while her lover was approaching 37.

They also had an Islamic wedding before they officially exchanged their vows in December 2016 and had a wedding reception at the Munro Hotel. The fairytale ceremony was well attended by those close to them, and it was also well captured.

The Social Media Star Left The Marriage Almost R3 Million Rich

Before their marriage, Jehan Mackay offered Sarah Langa a prenup, which she signed. In the agreement, she was assured of a million Rand for each year that the marriage lasted. Because it was shortlived after only two years and ten months, all that she got at the end of the union was R2.8 million; from December 16, 2016, to 30 September 2019.

The millionaire businessman noted this in the papers he filed for the divorce, where he stated that based on their agreement, he was willing to part with the said amount once the marriage was dissolved. Langa was expected to get the whole money within six months of the marriage dissolution.

Apart from this, she is not known to have gotten anything more from him since they did not have any kids together. According to sources, after their separation, she still had the key to the multimillion-rand mansion they lived in, but it didn’t go to her. Recently, rumors are that the property has been put in the market for R29 million.

Sarah Langa Has Since Moved On With A New Man

With all efforts at settling the two failing, the two are no longer entertaining any possibilities of rekindling their lives together. It is because of this that less than a month after the news was out that they had finally divorced, that the social media influencer had started flaunting her new man, Redaric Williams, on social media.

Williams is also a model and an actor who has gained fame for his role in Young And Restless. Real name Jimmie Williams, the actor lives in New York City, although he is also said to have spent some time between Johannesburg and Cape Town. He was brought up in London before he moved to the United States.

It is not known for how long he and Langa started their relationship, but they started sharing photos of each other, and together on Instagram after her marriage ended. The first picture of the two was shared with the caption “Red and Yellow” and then a heart emoji. To this, the actor replied that he loved Langa to the moon and back, and she replied she loved him, baby, too. Redaric soon also shared his pictures with Sarah, and since then, they continued sharing loved up moments with followers on Instagram.

On his part, Jehan Mackay is very much of a private person who prefers his life to be away from the spotlight, and so it is still not known if he has moved on with someone new.

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