What You Can Do On CIPC eServices and How to Login to the Online Portal

The Companies Intellectual Property Commission popularly (CIPC), previously known as CIPRO, is the organization that is in charge of all registered entities in South Africa. By entities, we mean incorporated companies in terms of the Companies Act, private companies, closed corporations, external companies, and public companies.

Although the commission functions as an organ of state within the public administration, it, however, acts as an institution outside the public service. The company was founded by the Companies Act, 2008 (Act No. 71 of 2008). To carry out a transaction on the commission’s platform you must have a valid CIPC customer code.

How To Register & Log into CIPC eServices Portal

  • Click on “Customer Registration”
  • Indicate whether you are South African or not
  • Type in ID or passport number
  • Fill in all required fields on the registration form
  • Set new password
  • Login using customer code and password

Note: Don’t forget that security code and password are case sensitive.

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How To Reset Your Password

  • Click on “Password Reset”
  • Type in your customer code
  • OTP will be sent to your cellphone number
  • Once you confirm your OTP, set a new password

Here Are All Activities You Can Carry Out On CIPC e-Services Portal

    1. Company Registration: This covers private and non-profit company registration.
    2. Director Amendment: This service is for those who want to amend company directors.
    3. Annual Returns: This option is for those who would want to file company and close corporation annual returns.
    4. Name Reservation: This option is for those seeking to reserve a name for company registration.
    5. Member Amendments: This service is available for those that want to amend close corporation members.
    6. Auditor Changes: This is used for appointing/resigning auditors.
    7. Name Changes: This option is available for those that want to change the name of their company.
    8. Financial Year Changes: If you want to change the financial year for companies and close corporations, this service is for you.
    9.  Address Changes: CIPC offers this service for those that want to change a company and close corporation addresses
    10. Name Search: The commission renders this service to those that want to search registered and reserved names.
    11. Enterprise Enquiry: This one is self-explanatory. It is used by CIPC to conduct enterprise details.
    12. Name extension: The commission renders this service to those that want to extend the reserved name expiry date.
    13. Transaction Status: The commission also tracks transaction status. They do that using this service.
    14. Balance Inquiry: This service is used when the commission wants to issue a customer code statement.
    15. Name Transfer: The CIPC also transfers reserved names to another customer code using this service.
    16. Certificates: The commission issues these certificates – Disclosures, B-BBEE certificates, MOI (incorporation) documents, as well as approved names.
    17. Domain Registration: Used to register a domain name for your company.
    18. Update Contact Details: Used to update director or member contact details for companies and close corporations.

How To Apply For a CIPC Certificate Online

Applying for a CIPC certificate online is one of the easiest tasks to carry out. It requires little or no effort if you carefully follow the instructions listed below:

  • Visit the CIPC website www.cipc.co.za
  • Click on Download certificates
  • Click on Customer Login
  • You are expected to complete the required fields
    a. Customer Code
    b. Customer Password (case sensitive)
    c. Security code (case sensitive)
    d. Click on CIPC Terms & Conditions to read it, and in the circle next to it to accept the
    terms and conditions
    e. Select Forgot Password if you require your customer password to be resent to you.
  • Click on Login
  • The landing page of E-services will be displayed. Just click on Certificates & Disclosures
  • The different Enterprise Disclosure options will be displayed. Click on the relevant option.
    a. Free Disclosure
    b. Full Disclosure (R30)
    c. MOI (Incorporation documents)
    d. Approved Names
    e. Person Disclosure
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Free Disclosure

Note: Please note that free disclosures cannot be used for official purposes. It is free of charge.

  • Input the Enterprise Number and click on Validate
  • The following detail regarding the enterprise will be displayed. Click on Generate Certificate.
    a. Enterprise Number
    b. Enterprise Name
    c. Enterprise Type
    d. Enterprise Status
    e. Registration Date
    f. Physical Address
    g. Postal Address
    h. Registered Directors/Members
  • The next screen will confirm that the certificate has been sent to the e-mail address on the customer profile.

Full Disclosure

  • Complete the required Enterprise number and click on Validate.
  • The following detail regarding the enterprise will be displayed. Click on Generate Certificate.
    a. Enterprise Number
    b. Enterprise Name
    c. Enterprise Type
    d. Enterprise Status
    e. Registration Date
    f. Physical Address
    g. Postal Address
    h. Registered Directors/Members
  • The next screen will confirm that the certificate has been sent to the e-mail address provided.

Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) (Incorporation documents)

To be able to view the Memorandum of Incorporation documents, you need to be an active director in the enterprise. You will be presented with a list of enterprises. They do the following:

  • Select the entity for which you want to generate the Registration Documents.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the screen and confirm that the correct entity is displaying. Click on Generate Certificate.
  • The next screen will confirm that the certificate has been sent to the e-mail address provided.

Approved Names

  • If you click on approved names, all names reserved under the customer code will be displayed.

Person Disclosure

  • To view all directorships/memberships of a specific person, type in the ID number and surname of the person and click on Search.
  • A list will appear of each entity that the person is a director (company) or member (close corporation).

Note: If the entity is dissolved/final deregistered, the status of the person as at the date of dissolution/final deregistration will reflect show although the entity no longer exists.

B-BEEE Certificate

  • Complete the required Enterprise number and click on Validate.
  • A message will appear whether a B-BEEE application was done via a CIPC Self Help Terminal. If so, click on Generate Certificate and the certificate will be e-mailed to you. If not, the B-BEEE certificate will not be available.

What Is The Cost Of A B-BEE Certificate?

You don’t have to pay a dime for your CIPC B-BBEE certificates. However, a certificate is only valid for a year and cannot be renewed. A new application must be filed once it expires. CIPC only provides B-BBEE certificates to Exempted Micro Enterprises; turnover of no more than R10 million.

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How Do I Contact CIPC?

The commission can be reached in many ways. They have a physical address, as well as helplines, which you can easily contact in case of assistance.

Their head office is located at the dti Campus, Block F, 77 Meintjies Street
Sunnyside, Pretoria. You can also put a call across via 086 100 2472 or through their international telephone number: +2712 394 9573.

More Facts On CIPC Customer Care

  • If you want more information or to follow up on an already submitted document, kindly go through the CIPC Service Delivery Standards, which contain the contact details and escalation process.
  • Before calling CIPC to inquire if your application has been processed or not, always establish processing times first.
  • To lodge an inquiry via the Enquiry system, simply follow this link – (https://enquiries.cipc.co.za/)
  • The commission opens Monday – Friday: 08:00 – 15:30 and Closes on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays.
  • CIPC also has physical addresses with self-service terminals at the following locations: Pretoria Service Centre (Sancardia Mall, 1st floor, 541 Madiba Street, Arcadia, 0001), Johannesburg Service Centre Talis House (Cnr Simonds and Marshall Streets, Johannesburg, 2001), and Cape Town Service Centre (Shop 03, Norton Rose House, Thibault Square, Riebeek Street, Cape Town).
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