Life After ANC: This Is What SACP Plans To Do


The South African Communist Party (SACP) and a member of the tripartite alliance believe the future holds nothing hopeful for its mother party, the ANC.

Looking into the future of the ANC, and seeing nothing, the SACP would not want to be taken by surprise when the party finally collapses.

SA Communist Party general secretary Blade Nzimande said on Tuesday that the ANC top officials appear not to have any appetite for rescuing the party.

He said while delivering his party’s political report on the second day of the SACP Congress that some ANC leaders had no firm grasp of the challenges facing the ANC and South Africa as a whole.

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It appears that the SACP congress had the party members discussing much deeper what a future without the governing party, the ANC would be like.

The communists apparently laid into President Jacob Zuma’s faction of the ANC, which has been accused of allowing the state to be captured by the Gupta family.

The comment by the Senior party leader Jeremy Cronin seemed to portray just what the SACP concluded doing if the ANC eventually implodes.

Unlike the ANC who were accused of coming to no conclusion on any of the party’s challenges, the SACP apparently agreed on preparing seriously for the ANC to implode. And it is looking to form a left-wing alliance for a post-ANC future

Cronin was quoted as saying that if the ANC “carries on its current trajectory, heaven knows what would emerge in December if there’s a December elective conference. It’s something we as the Communist Party are not necessarily taking for granted.”

“If the ANC implodes, and we don’t rule that out, we don’t want that. But if it implodes then it would be necessary to reinvent something like an ANC” he went on saying, echoing Nzimande who warned the future of the ANC was uncertain and the SACP needed to start considering a future outside of the alliance with the party and Cosatu.

Cronin’s comment also brings to mind Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo, Thembu king’s comment sometimes in 2014 when he said the ANC has no hope of leading the country to the promising land, citing corruption and self-ambition as parts of the issues drawing the party down.

SACP leader stressed that, under Zuma, state capture activities and pseudo-radical populism had greatly increased, paving the way for authoritarianism to creep in while a parallel state and parallel ANC kept developing.

Nzimande added to it by saying the ANC had abused the Communist Party in their relationship. He said the ANC had a tendency to take decisions without talking to the SACP.

Meanwhile, the Deputy President and presidential hopeful Cyril Ramaphosa had earlier told his co-ANC members that hope in the party can only be restored when members put ordinary South Africans first.

Making a comment that indicated that the ANC was an enemy of itself, the presidential hopeful told party members that unity was critical as the party elects new leaders in December, and that the party should have “only one slate, that is representative” to take the party forward.

He also said that the ANC does not want leaders who are “arrogant”, who think they know it all, who don’t take advice and who choose to leave the people behind.

“Where there was once unity, there is now division … where there was once selflessness, there is now self-interest,” he said.

“We have become parochial and look at what will advance our own personal self-interest.”

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The leader, however, encouraged the party members not to be discouraged by all that’s been happening with the party but that they should take time to introspect and have the courage to mirror the eagle in order to emerge stronger.