What Happened To Samthing Soweto? Did He Pass Away or Is He Still Alive?

South African singer Samthing Soweto is very much alive. Nothing happened to him, as widely speculated by some folks in mid-2022. The singer only lost a significant amount of weight which led to people cyberbullying and body-shaming him for his slimmer frame. 

Some people also claimed he was suffering from a terrible disease, while others went to the extent of spreading fake news that the actor had died. Samthing later addressed the rumor and also appreciated the public for their concern, especially those who reached out to him privately.

Is Samthing Soweto Still Alive?

Samthing Soweto is alive, healthy, and kicking strong, contrary to the rumor that went viral in May 2022 that he had died. In response to the rumor, the sensational singer denied being sick or dying any time soon.

Rumors about his death started making the rounds after Soweto posted a video of himself looking tinier than before. He shared the video in the wake of rapper Riky Rick’s devastating death

The singer’s slimmer frame triggered concern and fear among his fans, with some alleging that he was sick and dying.

Truth About Samthing Soweto’s Weight Loss

Samthing Soweto has set the record straight on his weight loss. The singer stated that he was not sick nor suffering any terrible sickness. The significant drop in weight, according to him, was a result of a change in his lifestyle. 

Soweto mentioned that he now eats certain foods, and he’s been serious about physical activities in order to stay fit. He, however, admitted that he’s been going through a lot lately but that it is something that happens to everyone.

The singer also appreciated those who took it upon themselves to reach out to him and also send in heart-warming messages and prayers.

Where is Samthing Soweto Now?

Samthing Soweto is still very much around, doing what he knows how to do best – making music. He released the hit single “Amagents” on June 24, 2022, which debuted at number one in South Africa and was certified gold in the country.

He also embarked on his Now or Never tour in July in Tshwane and Cape Town and then in Durban in November 2022. He intends to release more beautiful hits in the coming year.

Samthing Soweto is a Soweto-born Music Star

Though professionally known as Samthing Soweto, this super-talented singer’s real name is Samkelo Lelethu Mdolomba. His life began on the 21st of January 1988 in a township called Protea North in Soweto, Johannesburg.

The third of four children, he was briefly raised in his birthplace by his single mother. He was later moved to Eastern Cape to live with his grandmother. He, however, spent one year with her as he couldn’t cope with his mother’s absence. There is no available information about his father and other family members.

Soweto couldn’t finish his secondary school education at Tikelo Secondary School because of difficulty in reading and writing. He had problems with dyslexia, which made schooling a nightmare for him.

The singer joined bad gangs in his neighborhood while he was still in secondary school.  He took part in several criminal activities to escape the challenges he faced at home and joined them in taking hard drugs.

Samthing started using the hypnotic sedative Mandrax at the age of 15. Hypnotic sedative drugs help to reduce tension, induce calm, and also induce sleep. He was arrested for arm robbery and subsequently sent to a youth detention center after his sentencing was suspended.

By the time he returned to school, he had turned a new leaf. He joined his school’s choir and was instrumental in the formation of the band The Soil, whose original members were his schoolmates. Samthing sadly dropped out of school in eighth grade.

His Music Career Began in Secondary School with the Group, The Soil

Samthing Soweto began his professional career in 2010. He developed a keen interest in music while serving his jail term. He used to entertain fellow prisoners with melodious songs. Upon his release and return to school, he became involved in the activities of his school choir.

He also played crucial roles in the formation of the band The Soil alongside his schoolmates while they were still in school. By 2010, the number of members of the music went down to four – Samthing Soweto, Buhlebendalo Mda (vocalist), Ntsika Ngxanga (main composer and vocalist), and Luphindo (beatboxer and vocalist).

The group’s initial name was Particles of the Soil. Samthing, however, left The Soil after the release of their first album titled Reflections: (Live In Joburg) on October 7, 2013.  The project won Best R&B/Soul/Reggae Album at the 2014 South African Music Awards.

Exit from The Fridge and Career Highlights 

Samthing released his first solo studio album ‘This N That Without Tempo’ while he was still with The Soil. After his departure, he started making music with a nu-jazz group called The Fridge as the vocalist.

The group performed at several local shows and festivals in the country and also gained an impressive following. They released their debut EP, ‘Bass Drum & Sam’ in 2011 and disbanded in 2015.

Prior to attaining an enviable height in his career, Mdolomba appeared in poet Makhafula Vilakazi’s South African poetry album, I Am Not Going Back To The Township, in 2013 as both a guest vocalist and producer.

He dropped his debut EP, Eb’suku, on 4 January 2014 and also headlined the 2014 Joy of Jazz Festival in support of his EP. He won many hearts with his performance at the Rocking The Daisies Festival, which took place in Cape Town, Western Cape, in 2014.

In the same 2014, he appeared on the soundtrack of the film Otelo Burning, after which he composed and performed the title sequence of the drama series Rhythm City.

Mdolomba’s career received a bigger boost after being featured on the Coca-Cola-sponsored live-music television series Coke Studio Africa alongside bassist Shane Cooper and the renowned artist Spoek Mathambo in 2015.

Mdolomba Burst into Mainstream Success in the Year 2017

The Soweto-born star earned his career breakthrough in May 2017 when he featured on Sanele Treasure Sithole (professionally known as Sun-El Musician)’s song “Akanamali.” The song not only skyrocketed his popularity but also earned him an award.

Riding on the success of his project with Sanele, Samthing went ahead to release his second studio album titled Isphitiphithi on 20th September 2019. A track from the project captioned “Akulaleki” peaked at number one on the local Apple Music chart and was subsequently certified gold.

The album received the Best Afro Pop Album award at the 26th ceremony of the South African Music Awards.

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