Western Embassies Sponsoring Anarchy In Zimbabwe


Uncle Bob’s party, ZanuPf says the Western embassies and failed political parties are sponsoring anarchy in Zimbabwe.

The party said it will not be shaken by the activities of Western embassies destroying the progressive polices implemented by Mugabe’s government.

Mugabe leads on, and would continue leading Government in attaining the economic emancipation of Zimbabweans, declared the ruling party.

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Addressing journalist in Harare, ZanuPf Secretary for Administration Cde Ignatius Chombo said: “Zanu­Pf is focused on what it wants to do and cannot be shaken by these activities. We are the ruling party, and we will not accept anything short of law and order.

The party has it on good authority that the violent demonstrations witnessed in Beitbridge were sponsored by some MDC elements and other opposition parties…

In Harare, these demonstrations have been led by leaders of vendors’ associations (and) some other shadowy groups calling themselves by various names. We know that they are being sponsored by Western embassies and some failed parties and politicians.”

Mugabe’s party called on schools, banks and other business outlets to resume their activities. And, promised that security units are working to ensure their safety.

“The State security organs are working around the clock, and have the situation firmly under control. Those found on the wrong side of the law will be dealt with severely. And they will have no one else to blame. They are being seriously warned to desist from this wanton behavior.

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Commuter omnibus operators are assured of police protection and should not fear to do their work. Banks, shops and schools have timetables and programmed, and they should follow that. There is no reason they should not open. All teachers and schoolchildren should also go to their schools without fear because security elements will be there to assure their safety.

The regime change agenda that is being pursued by the West will come to naught,” Chombo declared.