Fransman Wins ANC In Court Challenge


Embattled African National Congress (ANC) Western Cape leader Marius Fransman has scored a minor court victory against the ANC.

Fransman pulled the ANC secretary-general, Gwede Mantashe and the deputy chairperson of the party’s Integrity Commission, Frene Ginwala‚ to court this week after the commission bluntly refused to release a drafted internal report on sexual harassment case against him.

The controversial leader disclosed that he decided to take the matter to court after a copy of the report was leaked to the media.

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In the said report, the commission recommended that Fransman should no longer partake in ANC activities.

However, Fransman’s legal counsel reached an agreement with Mantashe and Ginwala’s lawyers on Wednesday that the party’s Integrity Commission report would now be handed over the report to Fransman by noon on Wednesday.

As disclosed, this agreement also stands as court order on the matter.

Ashley Meyer, Fransman’s lawyer‚ said: “At about 9.30 last night‚ myself and the attorneys acting for (Mantashe and Ginwala) reached an agreement that by 12 o’clock today they will furnish us with a copy of the integrity commission’s report and they will file the opposing papers by 12 o’clock this afternoon.

The exact relief that he [Fransman] wants is that the court grant a declaratory order pertaining to his position as chairperson of the ANC in the Western Cape and secondly that [he] be furnished with a copy of the integrity commission’s report.

The second half of the relief has been agreed and we view that as a concession by the Mr. Mantashe and Mrs. Ginwala.”

Fransman then divulged that he would also compel the  High Court in Cape Town to issue a “declaratory” order to confirm his position as the party’s leader in the province; following contradictory reports on his reinstatement.

The beleaguered ANC leader was an embarrassment after his 21-year-old former personal assistant; Louisa Wynand; allegedly accused him of sexual harassment in January.

He was subsequently asked to step down pending investigations into the matter.

But, Western Cape leader Marius Fransman’s presence at an ANC Cape Town rally last week was really jaw-dropping after it emerged that he has been reinstated.

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His reinstatement was further validated by ANC’s Mokoyane during the rally.

Nevertheless, days after the rally, ANC spin doctor Mantashe publicly disclosed that Fransman has not been reinstated.

He rather added that he must face disciplinary action before being re-instated.

Bedeviled by these contradictory statements from the ANC camp, Western Cape leader Marius Fransman marched to the court in a bid to take back his position.

Meanwhile, his case continues on Friday.