Western Cape Records Several Road Fatalities Over The Weekend


Over the weekend, a chaotic Western Cape recorded up to eleven road fatalities‚ a driver who was five times over the legal drinking limit and a whopping R249‚000 in traffic fines.

In addition to the above violations in the city, a driver clocking 177 km/h in a 120 km/h zone was also caught.

According to the Western Cape Department of Health’s Forensic Pathology Services, 11 people died on the province’s roads over the same period of time.

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At least 34 motorists were placed under arrest for violation of traffic rules. 31 out of the 34 arrested were actually driving under the influence of alcohol.

One of the drivers caught drunk-driving recorded a reading of 1.21 mg of alcohol/1‚000 ml, which is alarmingly high being five times the legal limit of 0.24 mg/1‚000 ml.

Traffic fines issued by the provincial government reportedly amounts to a total of R249‚200 for traffic violations.

Spokesperson for the Western Cape government Byron la Hoe lamented that the the arrests made were above the province’s average because people have refused to obey traffic rules and regulations.

“Our system works but it’s not as effective as it should be. Drinking and driving is still high in the Western Cape. We tell people not to drink and drive‚ but they do it‚ not to use their cell phones when driving‚ but they still do it. The problem is we don’t have enough traffic officers due to budget constraints‚” said Byron la Hoe.

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“We have reached to communities and educated them about traffic rules. We need road users to play their part as well”‚ La Hoe said.

La Hoe also pointed out that the underlying factor still remains that there were over 100 vacant positions for traffic officers the province had to fill, which means they do not have enough officers to take care of the challenges on the roads.