ANC Is Convinced That Coloured People Are Fed Up With DA


Western Cape ANC says its has observed that coloured voters are just tired and fed up with the Democratic Alliance (DA).

This is because coloured voters have seen that the DA is “only interested in their votes to secure the interests of the minority”, the ANC alleged.

The DA is also accused of being “too comfortable” in Cape Town; ignoring important issues like gentrification; homelessness and inequality.

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For this reason, the ruling party expressed absolute confidence that it will slide off the opposition party in elections on August 3.

Western Cape ANC Boasts

The ANC also boasted that it will field ”young and educated candidates; who see politics as a noble calling” against DA’s “predominant base”.

”It is a reflection of the maturity of our democracy; where we have people who think they can make a difference.

They have degrees, qualifications from the University of Cape Town and CPUT among them,” Diko boasts.

In the 2011 election, the DA garnered 61.15% of the votes in Cape Town; while the ANC scooped 33.17% of the votes.

The Congress of the People got 1.13%; the African Christian Democratic Party managed 1.06%; while the National Party was left with 0.54% of total votes.

Spokesperson, Yonelaa Diko, who spoke at a press briefing in the party’s provincial offices in Cape Town on Thursday; opined that the ANC will definitely garner most votes on the D-day.

“We have run a highly efficient and impactful campaign; particularly in the Metro.

We have galvanized our base areas; and brought a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the ANC brand.

We have seen what we characterize as a ‘gatvol factor’ amongst the coloured communities that have been hoodwinked and manipulated by the DA.”

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Meanwhile, the ANC has invited all and sundry to the last lap of the campaign race holding on Sunday at the Belville Velodrome.

“We are expecting a huge turnout for our Siyanqoba Rally which will send a clear message that we have the people’s confidence to govern.”

The spokesperson could not comment on the fate of ANC Western Cape leader Marius Fransman.