The West Is Sponsoring A ‘South African Arab Spring’


#FeesMustFall protests and all other protests in South Africa aren’t what you think they are.

The revolutions are sponsored by the West to facilitate a regime change in South Africa, says KZN ANC executive committee member, Nomagugu Simelane-Zulu.

Simelane-Zulu was addressing hundreds of ANC eThekwini delegates at the region’s conference when she expressed the sentiment.

Referring to the escalating #FeesMustFall protests across South Africa, the ANC  leader argued that the agitation has been infiltrated and captured by Western Forces.

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“How do you say you want free education, yet you go and burn a library?” She asked.

“It clearly tells you we have been infiltrated. The revolution has been taken over.

“Revolutions have been systematic over the last five years. It is only that they come in different forms – service delivery protests and, if that doesn’t succeed, then something else.

“At the end of the day, the West wants something in the form of a South African Arab Spring to happen,” Simelane-Zulu declared.

According to her, the #FeesMustFall protesters have been infiltrated by Western agents and are being led by the EFF.

“Yes,” she said, “you have members of the ANC, Sasco and PYA (Progressive Youth Alliance). But, if we are honest with ourselves, who is leading this campaign?

“It’s the EFF…You see them carrying stones wanting to throw them at the police. Are these people really fighting for education? No, they are trying to bring regime change, by hook or by crook,” She affirmed.

Thereafter, Simelane-Zulu asserted that the call for a ‘free education for all’ is misguided and naive.

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“Let me tell you what it means to say ‘free education for all’. I’ve been to varsity and I got whatever degrees I got. In essence, you are saying to me, Nomagugu Simelane, a member of Parliament deployed by the ANC, must not pay for varsity education.

“…Once you start having free education for all, spaces in universities will decrease because poor children will be competing with the wealthy. The rich are sending their children to private institutions, but once there is free education for all they will all flock to our universities,” she buttressed.

With that, she urged ANC members to go carry her message to other members involved in the #FeeSMustFall protests.  She tasked them to make the protesting ANC members understand that they are aiding the West to solidify a South African Arab Spring.

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