Two Suspected Drug Lords And Girlfriends Gunned Down


Police has confirmed the death of two suspected drug dealers Wendle Tarentaal and Efraim Presence (24) together with their girlfriends.

The drug lords and their teenage girlfriends were gunned down in the early hours of Sunday morning after they returned from a New Year’s Eve cruise.

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The shooting, which is believed to be a hit, claimed the lives of the girls – Stacey-Lee Visser and Kaylen Visser – who are said to be cousins.

Police confirmed that they were attacked on Wendle Tarentaal’s car in Chestnut Way, Belhar by unknown gunmen, who subsequently opened fire on them.

Reports had it that the suspected drug dealers Tarentaal and Presence (24) were with the 17-year-old girls inside the car when the gunmen unleashed mayhem on them.

One of the girls, Kaylen was engaged to Efraim Presence, 24, while the other Stacey-Lee has been a good friend of Wendle.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut confirmed the shooting. Traut divulged that police is still hunting for the hoodlums.

“On Sunday morning at 3.35am, four people, two males aged 24 and 26, and two females both aged 17 were shot and killed in Chestnut Way, Belhar, by unknown suspects who are yet to be arrested,” Traut confirmed.

This is not the first time Tarentaal has been in the news. In October 2015, he made headlines after his girlfriend and brother were killed when rival gangsters opened fire on his car.

Stories making the rounds had it that Sexy Boys gang has been hunting for Wendle Tarentaal for being a witness in a court case.

Meanwhile, Nigeria has condemned the South African police for the death of one of its citizen Victor Tochukwu Nnadi.

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Reports had it that the Nigerian national died during a confrontation with the police last week.  He was reportedly choked to death by police on Thursday, December 29th after he was arrested for allegedly selling drugs.

But South African police denied the reports, stating that Nnadi resisted arrest on suspicion of drug dealing and died after swallowing a dose of heroin that he was trying to sell.