We’ll ‘Cut The Fat’ Obscene Cabinet And Save R4,7 Billion Per Year If Elected To National Government – DA


The biggest opposition party in South Africa, Democratic Alliance (DA) is offering South Africans the chance to run a less expensive government with more delivery, and is all about a vision to offer a short and service-delivery oriented national government made up of 15 cabinet ministries.

While delivering a speech at the Cape Town Press Club by DA Leader, Mmusi Maimane stated that South Africa is fast becoming such a desert. The DA leader referred to everything wrong with the country, pointed out that the year is going to test the nation like never, lamented that the South African government is unnecessarily expensive and then unveiled that the DA has been working on a plan to streamline government in what the party regard as “Operation Hlasela Mafutha or “Cut the Fat”.”

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Stating that the South African government is one of the largest cabinets in the world with 74 executives, Maimane argued that “there is nothing extraordinary about small government.”

“There are many examples of countries just as complex as South Africa, with far leaner governments,” he said. “Germany, for example, has 15 ministries, France has 16, China has 20, Russia 21, the United States just 10. The President of Brazil recently cut the size of the cabinet down by 8,” he added.

“Our Cabinet has become obscene. The staff, the bodyguards, the luxury cars, the first class flights, the food, the office refurbishments and the five-star hotel stays. All status, no substance, and at the cost of billions of rand.

We need to Cut the Fat. And we can start by re-configuring ministries and departments with the single-minded aim of boosting economic growth and creating jobs.”

With the above, Maimane vowed that if elected to national government, the DA “would save R4,7 billion per year simply by re-organising the executive into a streamlined, delivery-oriented Cabinet of 15 Ministries. We call it Operation Hlasela Mafutha or “Cut the Fat”.”

Emphasizing the offer of “cutting the number of ministries down from 35 to just 15, and structuring them in such a way that government spending would be carefully directed towards priorities that lead to economic growth and job creation, the DA Leader bragged that the DA “15 ministries will result in a government that is responsive and citizen-oriented.”

That according to him will bring about a huge saving of public money. “With the R4,7bn that we can free up by trimming our bloated government, we can truly begin re-investing in asset building,” said Maimane.

Below are the Ministries to form the Cabinet in DA government if they ever get to lead South Africa;

  1. Employment & Enterprise
  2. Economic Infrastructure
  3. Finance
  4. Basic Education
  5. Further Education, Skills & Innovation
  6. Health and Social Development
  7. Integrated Planning and Service Delivery
  8. Police
  9. Local and Provincial Government
  10. Home Affairs
  11. Agriculture and Land Reform
  12. Justice and Correctional Services
  13. Environment
  14. Foreign Affairs
  15. Defence

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