‘We Won’t Disrupt Sona But It Is Not Going To Be Easy For Zuma’ – DA


Democratic Alliance leader Mmusi Maimane said that members of his party will not interrupt President Zuma during South Africa’s State of the Nation Address (Sona).

The much-anticipated parliamentary address is expected to kick off on 11th February. The state of South Africa’s economy is expected to top the agenda of the parliamentary address. This was made known by the president earlier this week.

Buzzsouthafrica gathered that Maimane made this known when he addressed the press club in Cape Town. Maimane reiterated that the Democratic Alliance will accord president Zuma the much expected respect, but that doesn’t mean that the president would get a smooth ride from the party.

The leader also feels that the parliamentary address would hopefully offer his party the opportunity to get back to the president on certain issues. He also maintained that it is a functional parliament that can offer the president avenue to showcase his accountability.

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DA leader seized the opportunity to showcase the party’s political prowess. He argued that DA, unlike every other party is out for the forthcoming elections. He maintained that the party is unique, in that, electoral candidates from the party is out to make differences, should they take over majority of the parliament seats.

“The problem with spoiler parties is that they lack ambition. While they are in politics to make a noise, we are in it to make a difference.” Maimane said.

Throwing more light on the forthcoming parliamentary address, DA leader promised to provide a smooth and enabling ground for the president. He was plain when he said, “….But make no mistake, just because we will not resort to chaos, it does not mean that President Zuma will get an easy ride from us in the weeks ahead.”

Furthermore, he outlined expectations from the president, which include;

• Elaborate plans and strategies on how to raise capital to “keep the country afloat in 2016”.

• Declaration of Drought in South Africa as a national crisis.

• Full plans on how to step up on National Student Financial Aid Scheme funds for higher education students

• Achievable ways of settling crisis rocking the South African Airways.

Not leaving matters on racism behind, Maimane said, “He needs to put an end to the bitter racial conflict and divisiveness that has dominated the news and social media. Apparently, South Africa is going through series of racial turbulence, following many racial comments by people and social media users. Though the ruling party has vowed not to spare anyone found promoting racism in the country, cases of racism is still on the increase.

It would be recalled that distractions and chaos marred last year’s State of the Nation address. It all started after DA leader Maimane requested that the cellphone signal be restored after it jammed. Later, president Zuma was seen addressing the mammoth crowd. Minutes after he began, the Economic Freedom Fighters-EFF members began asking the president when he would pay for his Nkandla home. This question resulted to a fight and EFF members were thrown outside the parliament.

In spite of that, DA leader has promised a laudable composure from the members of his party.

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