‘We Need You To Pray For Us’- Zuma Exhorts Christians


‘Pray for politicians who have been ‘bedeviled’ by Satan and also ask God to forgive leaders who make mistakes,’ president Zuma said. The president made this call on Good Friday during a service conducted by the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God, at Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg.

Zuma, who found himself in the midst of mammoth worshipers stated the church needs to pray for peaceful governance and also for leaders as the devil is always ready to interfere with their work.

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“We are here to get blessings and prayers. We want you to pray for us as leaders so that when we make mistakes, you can ask God to forgive us because Satan is always around trying to derail us,” Zuma told the Universal Church of the Kingdom of God worshipers, at Ellis Park Stadium in Johannesburg.

The president, who received an outstanding applause from the crowd walked round the stadium amid cheers. He hugged one baby, to the excitement of the baby’s mother.

Speaking to the crowd in IsiZulu, Zuma exclaimed, “We need love, we must love God and those who have been entrusted to do his work. On this day, when we remember Jesus, we also ask those in charge to pray for us.


President Zuma also called on the worshipers to remember Members of Parliament in prayers so they could behave and conduct themselves in a respectful and honourable manner.

He also declared his love for the church and said the atmosphere in the stadium made him want to attend church regularly.

As the beleaguered leader waved at the thousands who waved and cheered him, “Yinde le ndlela” (The Road is Still Long) played in the background.

“People were made in the image of God and had rights that should be protected and respected,” he said.

Zuma was accompanied by Water and Sanitation minister Nomvula Mokonyane.

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