We Have Extraordinary Doctors – See How They Delivered A Miracle Baby


South Africa is blessed, not only with good resources resources that help economic and social growth, but also with one of the best health personnel in Africa if not in the world. Delivering a miracle baby from an undiagnosed and dangerous abdominal pregnancy is one of such reasons why we must be proud of our doctors.

A 28-year-old Gauteng woman who had an undiagnosed abdominal pregnancy delivered a 1.8kg miracle baby boy through the help of medical experts in Newcastle Hospital.

The woman barely knew that her 32 weeks pregnancy was dangerous until she began to  experience severe pains n her lower abdomen pain during a visit to Newcastle‚ KwaZulu-Natal‚ on April 28.

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According to the doctor who led the team of four surgeons who delivered the baby, Dr Prem Naicker‚ an ultrasound was taken and there, it was discovered that her fetus was growing outside her uterus.

“An ultrasound was performed at Newcastle Hospital‚ and a diagnosis of abdominal pregnancy was suspected by the ultrasonographer and confirmed by Dr Nonhlanhla Dlamini‚ the head of the obstetric department‚” said Dr Naicker‚

“The woman had been honoring her ante-natal clinic visits at a hospital in Gauteng prior to arriving in Newcastle. The doctors in Gauteng had not recognized that she had an abdominal pregnancy.”

Naicker explained that the woman’s fetus was located behind her empty uterus which was dangerous as there were concern that she had started bleeding and that the fetus would not survive much longer.

“The patient was in severe pain and was anaemic. Dr Dlamini advised the patient that she would need emergency surgery the same night.” he said.

To carry out the emergency laparotomy on the patient were four doctors including a paediatrician and hours later, the baby was successful brought out.

“We removed the baby. The baby was alive and well‚ which is a very‚ very rare occurrence. The paediatrician was there‚ and everything was fine‚” said Naicker.

Abdominal pregnancies are quite rare‚ occurring in about 1 in 10‚000 pregnancies. When they do occur‚ they usually lead to the death of the mother. Naicker explained further that abdominal pregnancies are also very difficult to diagnose and sometimes everything appears to be normal. And then later on‚ the patient may present with abdominal pain.

“It’s always a very difficult operation because sometimes the placenta is stuck on the bowel‚ or the bowel is stuck on the placenta. But thanks to the Almighty‚ everything went well. It’s a good outcome. The hospital deserves the credit.”

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Meanwhile, the KZN Health MEC Dr Sibongiseni Dhlomo who is happy with the successful operation and the birth of the miracle baby, praised the doctors and nurses involved in the operation.

“The fact that they pulled it off such a delicate procedure without incident is once again an example of the calibre of healthcare professionals that we have within the department. They’re an inspiration‚ and we are extremely proud of them‚” he said.

“Both baby and mother are doing well at this stage‚” Naicker said on Saturday