You Can Join Juju In EFF, We Don’t Want Him In ANC


It’s better for the ANC to work towards another election for the hung municipalities than forming a coalition with the EFF.

And, all the ANC supporters calling on Malema to return to the ANC, can join him and become a Fighter. ANC doesn’t need Julius Sello Malema, says Mcebo Dlamini.

The former Wits SRC president was responding to the calls to bring Malema back to ANC.

ANCYL Gauteng chairperson Matome Chiloane initiated the call saying: “It would be good if Malema comes back to the ANC. We will gladly accept him if he wants to come back.”

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Responding, Dlamini remarked that the call for Juju’s return is crazy, and asked those agitating for that to go join the EFF.

Dlamini said: “ANC does not need Julius. It needs to put its house in order, humble itself, start having leaders not popstars and celebrities busy showing off their wealth.

(ANC needs to) give our people free quality education, give people the land and nationalize coal mines so government can supply Eskom.

Those who want Julius must go to EFF.”

With that, he admonished the ANC Youth League of Gauteng to embark on a “mass mobilization campaign to increase the membership base of the ANC” in the province.

He also warned that coalition with the EFF is suicidal, and declared a re-run the better option. “Coalition is suicidal, lets go for a re-run,” he stressed.

Meanwhile, the EFF has insisted that President Jacob Zuma must be removed from office before they hold any coalition talks with the ANC.

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EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi said most EFF’s supporters prefer the party form a partnership with the DA.

“The members, leadership and voters of EFF are the ones that have a say. We ran a poll that close to 18,000 participated in on Facebook and all of them said we must go with the DA,” Ndlozi divulged.

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