We Didn’t Pay People To Join The Job March – DA


Amidst circulating insinuations that the DA paid the crowd that participated in the job march R100 each to march with them, the party has stated that it only paid street traders to compensate them for the loss of income the job march caused.

Refuting rumors about the DA paying people R100 to join its march, the party’s spokesperson, Mabine Seabe made it clear the DA only paid traders who were moved from the area where the DA erected its stage.

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Seabe explained that Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) that own the location was supposed to negotiate with the traders who carry out their business activities there. JRA didn’t do that and the DA leaders in Gauteng intervened. It was “through a mutual agreement, they were compensated for monies lost on that day. It was an agreement between us and them.”

The DA spokesperson stated that “the DA does not pay its members to be at marches. Everyone who was at the march was practicing their constitutional right to associate with the DA and the party’s fight for building an inclusive and growing economy that creates jobs.”

The ANC reportedly responded to the allegation of the DA paying South Africans to take part in its march when Zizi Kodwa, spokesperson for the ANC Youth League (ANCYL) said “the African National Congress is shocked on how desperate and low the DA has stooped to score hollow political points, by abusing our people who are enticed to marches for a mere R100.”

Proclaiming that the ANC as the ruling party will always respect the right and freedom of association and protest, Kodwa declared that the ANC is calling on South Africans to stand against racism in the guise of a democratic platform. “We call on our people to take a stand of not being used by racists masquerading as democratic formations,” stated Kodwa.

According to him, the DA is in pursuit of its “racist agenda” and has decided “to take advantage of the poverty confronting our people by using them as pawns to further the interests of white minority who were not even visible in their march.

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