‘We Are Pained As Zuma Drags The Party Into A Hole’ – ANC Members


With the growing criticism against President Jacob Zuma from left, right and center, the possibility of him vacating the presidential seat gets clearer especially as he is criticized by those who are supposed to support him – his party.

With the sudden rise of the Nkandla issues and President Zuma’s new decision to pay back the Nkandla money just few days before the court would make its decision, members of the African National Congress  (ANC) have expressed their disappointments in the President. They said they are ”embarrassed” and ”pained” by the president.

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Though the party supports the president’s resolution to pay back the money, some of its senior party members said it was too late as the image of the party and the government has been dented already.

”We have been used and our structures compromised to protect a lie that has been clear to all. The ANC was dragged into a dark hole and now we are told to accept the president’s statement,” said a senior party member who sits on its national executive committee.

”It pains us that we now have to tell our people that, indeed, the president must pay back the money when so much time and resources were used to defend Nkandla corruption.” they said.

On the same hand, the former ANC caucus chairman Vytjie Mentor expressed his disappointments on the Zuma-led government and those who had been in support of all his actions in the country. Mentor posted on his page on Facebook saying:

”The praise-singers are praising President Zuma for doing what he should have done two years ago. They are praising him for daring the nation on so many, many occasions by refusing to pay what he knew all along he had to pay.

”After taking this country to such lows, they are still praising him? Such ‘love’ for an individual above the love of the country, above the love of the organisation is mind-boggling. So help us God.”

South Africa is to have had series of political fallout during which an ANC-dominated parliamentary committee and the police minister controversially absolved Zuma of liability. But in the resent times, the ANC have made some open reactions against Zuma’s behaviors.

One of the most recent antagonisms was in reaction against Zuma’s ties with the Gupta family. Last week, senior party members spoke openly about the influence of the politically connected Gupta family in the affairs of the state, pointing a finger at Zuma.

Meanwhile other parties have pressure on the president urging him to save the country from several corrupt practices that has in the recent time engulfed the country. DA wanted to make sure Madonsela’s instructions were binding unless reviewed by court while the EFF today declares its open fight against the Guptas  and for the fall of Zupta.”We will not fold our hand and see our country destroyed by corrupt practices” EFF leader said.

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