WC Traffic Officials Ready For The Upcoming Busy Easter Holidays


Ahead of the forth coming Easter break that usually lead to traffic congestion on major high ways, the Western Cape traffic officials says they are getting fully prepared to ensure easy travels for all South Africans especially in the province.

According to the WC Traffic Chief Kenny Africa, increased patrols will be conducted on major highways including the N1, N2, R300, N7 and coastal towns during the Easter weekend.Traffic volumes is expected to be at its peak from today as people take to the roads to head off on holiday.

“We’ll increase our roadblocks hours to go through to 4am and then also seeing that his is a long weekend, we’ll be having roadblocks Sunday and Sunday evening right up to Monday.”

The authority outlined various important areas such as vehicle checkpoints, roadblocks, driver and vehicle fitness and pedestrian behavior which they would be implementing during the upcoming long weekend in a way to avoid a repeat of last weekend’s events that saw the death of 21 people.

More to this, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) has deployed its own traffic officers to join officials from other agencies in order to achieve the aim of reducing road deaths around the country.

The corporation’s Simon Zwane said the fact that the long weekend also coincides with payday, is even more worrying.

“It’s payday weekend, but in addition there are also many other entertainment events that have been organised. All of these activities increase the risks, so we’ll also be working around those events.”

Despite the decrease in the number of passengers killed in car accidents on South African roads, RTMC said it’s still an issue of concern to them seeing a high rate of drunk driving statistics after the arrest of 688 drunk motorists in Johannesburg alone, over the past long weekend.

The traffic officials said undercover anti-corruption officers have also been deployed to deal with bribery and corruption between officials and motorists. And motorists are therefore urged to adhere to various traffic rules in order to safeguard their lives and have a happy celebration.

“please come on board with us so that we can stop this ongoing carnage on our roads. We need to make a difference,” they said.

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