WATCH! You’ve Never Seen SA’s National Assembly This Chaotic


A video footage of the fight between the members of South Africa’s national assembly has emerged. Surprisingly, what was supposed to be a quiet Nkandla debate session turned out to arouse the most “uncivilized behaviour” among the members of the parliament who were seen pushing, pulling, shoving and throwing punches at each other.

The nation’s Parliament TV’s live feed which was broadcasting the live session was suspended during the chaotic moment that resulted in the summoning of riot police to control the situation which had obviously escalated and could not be calmed down otherwise.

The police were called into the auditorium when situation became uncontrollable between the Members of Parliament (MPs) during the debate.

The cellphone footage which was recorded from the public gallery reveals the physical brawl between the members of the parliament not long after an Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) MP was ejected out of the house.

Watch the video below:

Opposition MPs have claimed that the police assaulted several politicians in the process.

What do you make of this disgraceful and sad embarrassing state of affairs put in place by our dishonourable “Clowns”?

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