Watch: Store Owner Duels With Three Suspected Robbers, Kills One, Wounds Two 


A store owner gave the best of his shots against alleged armed robbers who were determined to loot his shop in the mid hours of Tuesday.

A report by news24, shows an incident in which a store owner killed a suspected robber and wounded two of his accomplices. This took place at Reservoir Hills Mall in KwzaZulu Natal on Tuesday.

The incident which was caught on CCTV camera shows the store owner fighting off some would-be robbers who entered and fired shots at him in their bid to steal goods from the shop.

This is happening at the time the state security department in various parts of South Africa are battling hard against rising cases of shoplifting in most parts of the country.

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The renewed xenophobic violence that erupted in most parts of the country, particularly in Johannesburg, has sparked off more cases of robbery.

Just a few weeks after foreign nationals residing in Rosettenville, a suburb in the southern part of Johannesburg lost their property due to xenophobic attacks, another violent incident has occurred in Pretoria west, where people’s houses, stores and cars have been looted and stolen while some were being torched by mob justice.

This followed comments from Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba who vowed to ‘cleanse’ the city of drug lords and other crimes allegedly committed by illegal foreigners.

To the common South African folks on the streets, a drug lord is any black foreigner with a nice houses, cars and booming businesses.

The state police said no fewer than 100 people ransacked shops in Johannesburg overnight, in a fresh wave of xenophobic attacks in South African cities.

Similar incidents took place in Pretoria last month even though the police has been reluctant to characterize the attacks as being directed against foreigners.

Many houses belonging to foreigners were torched as South Africans accused them of occupying their jobs opportunities and enticing local girls into prostitution, drug addiction and drug pushing.

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Foreign Africans from Somalia, Uganda, Nigeria, Ethiopia and other parts of Africa have settled in Sunnyside in the heart of the city of Tshwane and Pretoria West, where they carry out all kinds of business; legal and otherwise.

However, the significant majority of East Africans are into legal businesses; selling motor spares, used cars, and running mini supermarkets.