Video: SA-Born Anelisa Lamola Leaves A Mark On X Factor UK Audition


Her name is Anelisa Lamola and with that great performance, she might just become the next X Factor UK. And oh, she’s originally from South Africa.

Now, you might be wondering what’s the fuss? Well, our girl slew her audition on X Factor UK, impressing judges Simon Cowell; Louis Walsh and Sharon Osbourne. Her voice made a massive impact on the judges who were happy to have her back on the show.

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Notably, Anelisa has a history in the competition and it’s a bit different from other contestants. Her story is a touching one, but she chose not to give up hope. Back in 2007, Anelisa auditioned and made it to the girls top 12.

However, she lost her confidence when the judges booted her off the show. According to the judges then, she was not ready and she agrees with them.

Anelisa Lamola admitted;

“I thought I knew everything about music… but I didn’t know much”.

The pressure coupled with online trolling really did a number on her. And as a naive 17-years-old, she just didn’t know how to cope with the public body-shaming and all.

“I went into really hard times in terms of I lost my confidence at that time because there was a lot of, you know, trolling online and I wasn’t ready for that at 17. I think I just needed to find myself and figure out who I was,” she added.

Almost ten years after, Anelisa came back with a bang and blew the judges away. She told the judges she has had time to grow into herself and from all indications, she did a good job.

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She has since become a favourite on the show, not just for the judges, but for viewers worldwide.

Watch Anelisa Lamola slay her audition