Watch: Rock Python Captured On Camera Crossing The Road Into A Pothole On H1-4


It was a sight to behold on the first bridge of H1-4 from Satara towards Letaba as a magnificent rock python was caught on camera.

The remarkable sight was captured by Pieter Loock who shared it on social media.

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Without wasting much time, the video has already been shared more than 4494 times on Facebook.

The video showed the huge rock python crawling its way up the bridge and onto the road while commuters parked their cars to watch.

The perfectly designed reptile lazily checked out the surrounding before slowly slithering into one of the potholes on the road.

At this juncture, it might be wise to steer clear from the potholes because you never know what lurks in the deep dark holes.

A similar incident took place in 2013 at the Kruger National Park where visitors had a field day as a python hijacked their car. The python recoiled itself under the car bonnet to the excitement of its spectators who gushed at the nature of the animal.

In addition, a fisherman reportedly got the fright of his life earlier this year when he found a deadly red-bellied black snake in his car.

The snake allegedly slithered into his car only to doze off on his dashboard in South Australia’s Mannum.

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The anonymous man quickly called Snake Catchers at about 7am after spotting the 1.2 metre snake sun bathing next to the car’s windshield.

The snake catcher said; ‘It was a cold night, so when the sun came through the windscreen in the morning the reptile coiled up there to warm up.’

Maybe the one spotted on H1-4 was looking to soak in some sunlight too. After all, its been a cold few days for South Africans, animals inclusive.