Watch President Mugabe Bow To His Own Portrait


Zimbabwe’s 36th independence day celebrations was all fun fare for Zimbabweans as thousands were seen in Harare to commemorate the day. During this celebration, 92-year-old President Robert Mugabe was reportedly captured bowing down to a portrait of himself

Mugabe who has ruled the country since its independence, had his usual speech which centered around the progress of the country since independence and how the government successfully carries out its duty to the people.

In an Al Jazeera YouTube video, the 92-year-old veteran leader is seen driving around the National Stadium in Harare in an open top van before what appears to be the moment he bows to his iconic portrait.

The 92-year-old who is known for his usual extemporized speech began his address by paying tribute to the heroes of the country’s liberation war after which he touched important issues such as farmers security and the country’s economic growth.

According to Mugabe, “the resuscitation and formation of new companies have helped create jobs, enhanced fiscal space and increased production…Government has found a financier and contractor for the Beitbridge and Chirundu road to be constructed for an estimate $2 billion,” he disclosed.

Mugabe who has been bombarded with the call to resign by international bodies, received the biggest protest against him by thousands of Zimbabweans calling him clueless and old.

But as the country celebrates its freedom, Mugabe promised the people an improved state of living and positive changes at important areas of the country.

With all that he said, the people are hopeful to see if the president’s developmental plans as portrayed in his speech will remedy the economic crisis that Zimbabwe is facing.

And the questions that Zimbabweans may have is whether Mugabe’s pronouncements will bear solutions to the myriad of problems that Zimbabwe is currently facing.

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