Dineo: Watch Papa Penny’s Tips On How To Deal With The Natural Disaster


Disaster management teams in South Africa are on high alert on Friday morning, as tropical depression Dineo sweeps in.

Strong winds, and rain of up to 200 mm are expected in Mpumalanga, Northern KZN and Limpopo any moment from now. Also, widespread flooding is expected, and residents are being urged to stay indoors as this could pose much danger.

Though South Africans have been bracing themselves for Dineo all week, some residents still fear the worst. This is irrespective of the fact that the natural disaster has been downgraded from a cyclone to a tropical storm.

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Nevertheless, musician and reality TV star Penny Penny is here to give a pep talk to those who are still living in fear and don’t know what to expect.

According to the musician, Dineo doesn’t have a passport to enter SA. Apparently, the country will find a way to send it back to wherever it came from.

Alongside a video on Instagram, Papa Penny wrote;

“Guys is very bad dineo she’s here but she’s not that strong we are not sleeping till she go back to Mozambique she don’t have passport . Please God safe south Africa.”

Watch his video on Dineo here;

Earlier this week, the musician had viewers rolling with laughter, as he treated his wife to a romantic dinner. Twitter was sent into a frenzy as the musician entertained fans from sharing tips on how to treat a woman to spoiling his wife with a traditional meal.

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