Watch: Papa Penny Penny Speaks Out On Fathering Cassper


Musical artist Papa Penny Penny whose real name is Eric Nkovani, has a lot of children but he has continued to deny that rapper Cassper Nyovest is one of them.

Thus, while he sat with DJ Sbu on his breakfast radio show, he grabbed the opportunity to set the record straight.

According to Penny Penny, what gave rise to the rumours was a picture he took with the young rapper before he became famous. The picture only went viral when Cassper became a big shot.

Gradually, social media detectives concluded that there’s a striking resemblance between the two.

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“I think that rumour went on for more than two years, and they said, he looks like you,” he told Sbu. The radio jock acknowledged that they did look alike with their hairstyle as the only difference.

At first, Papa Penny Penny took the rumours as mere jokes which later metamorphosed into some disturbing stories.

“And then people started making stories on Facebook – ‘DNA said I’m his biological father’. But, you know, I always said, ah they are just joking; they are just joking like that.”

Afterwards, Drum Magazine requested an interview with Penny Penny, which they said was to discuss Clash Of The Choirs.

“And then one day, the time of the Clash Of The Choirs, they [Drum Magazine] asked to come and do an interview about Clash Of The Choirs at my home. Then we did the interview, and after its release, I see ‘Penny Penny says Cassper is my son’.

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“And we were recording, I don’t do telephonic interviews. I need to record, and we sign what I’ve said.”

The headline was a shocker for the musician who demanded for the recording of his interview with Drum.

“Me, I never said that. Then I said: ‘Bring the tape,’ but Drum Magazine never brought the tape.”

Watch the interview here

Apparently, Penny Penny’s 18 children and his wife are all the family he needs.