Watch: Maddening Times Of Julius Malema Being His Normal Bad-ass And Radical Self


Julius Malema, known for his outspoken manner of approach to anything politics has been a constant source of controversy and has never failed in treating the buzzing media to his famous outbursts. In his most aggressive manner, he does not spare anyone in voicing his opinion in a manner worthy of the theater. He is the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a South African political party, which he founded in July 2013. Before then, he had been into politics since he was 9, when he joined the Masupatsela pioneer movement of the African National Congress in 1990.

His position is considered controversial even though he is enamored of Jacob Zuma who calls him the future leader of South Africa. In a more general manner, he is seen as a radical populist who has the personality potential to destabilize South Africa and to spark racial conflict. This in tune with his recent remarks concerning apartheid, Malema has enjoyed quite an infamous reputation which seems to come to him naturally.

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This is a compilation of some of the outrageous moments when Malma has displayed complete ridiculous acts that lack decorum worthy of a potential leader of the nation as Zuma so fondly calls him. Watch the bad-ass moments of Julius Malema.

The super bad ass moment when Malema called Lindiwe Mazibuko a tea girl after he backed out of a debate with her in 2011. His statements made quite the round withe media expecting more out of it.

That stupendous moment when Julius Malema got booted out of parliament for saying that the ANC was to blame for the miners’ deaths at Marikana.

When you think you’ve seen it all, Julius Malema takes on a BBC journalist and kicks him out of media conference for being ‘disrespectful’ in 2010.

Then he boldly and publicly defys a court ruling against the singing of the revolutionary song “Kill the Boer” changing the lyrics to kiss the Boer in 2010.

Now the Bonus,  Whackead Darren Simpson called Julius Malema as Barack Obama before his inauguration in 2009.

Amazing how radical one person can be right?