WATCH LIVE: SA Foreign Nationals Duel With Protesters In Pretoria


Despite warning from the home affairs department, South Africans have shown their determination to wage war against foreigners by launching a fresh protest in parts of the country, particularly in Pretoria, and in return, foreign nationals seem to be equally out for a counter attack.

In line with the Mamelodi Concerned Residents planned protest centered around competition for jobs‚ access to economic opportunities and alleged criminal activities involving foreign nationals‚ including accusations of drug-peddling and prostitution, local protesters have reportedly clashed with foreign nationals in Pretoria, where a heavy police presence is monitoring the situation.

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More than 1,000 Mamelodi residents marched through the CBD to the Home Affairs head office in a demonstration against foreigners. A number of marchers were seen gathering at the corner of Bloed and 7th street after which they were to march down to Struben and Thabo Sehume street

While the police continued with their stop and search on every car entering the city’s neighborhood, foreigners reportedly seen brandishing weapons and claiming they are only doing so to defend themselves. A tweet from a resident read…

According to report by News24, several streets have been blocked by protesters in Atteridgeville on the early hours of Friday but with the arrival of security agents, the areas have been cleared, while a march against immigrants is set to proceed to Pretoria Central.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini said officials had cleared the road and traffic was flowing freely and no injuries were reported or arrests made have so far been made.

Outside the Home Affairs department, protesters try to have their way past cops as they chant their demand for war against foreigners. Stun grenades went off near the dept of home affairs as  a chopper is seen hovering.

Reacting to this, the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) released a statement calling on South Africans to isolate hate crimes against fellow Africans.

“We call on government law enforcement to ensure that there is no violent outbreaks and loss of life. The premise of inequality remains dispossession and lack of willingness to transform the economy by the ANC.”

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The president, Jacob Zuma has equally condemned the violent tensions between South Africans and immigrants in parts of Gauteng. His office announced on Friday that he would champion the fight against crime in order to promote safe and stable communities in the country.

“The situation has become more serious in light of current threats of violence and acts of intimidation and destruction of property directed at non-nationals living in South Africa,” said the Presidency.

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