Watch: Ball-sized Hailstones Hit Gauteng And Its Environs


Hailstones Hit Gauteng: Residents of Gauteng and its environs has been warned by weather forecasters to stay safe as adverse weather conditions are expected to hit the province.

Heavy hailstorm struck parts of Gauteng on Monday afternoon‚ with reports of roofs being damaged by large hailstones on the West Rand and flash flooding in Randburg.

Some parts of the Cradlestone Mall in Krugersdorp were blown off during the hail storm which rained golf ball-sized hails. The areas that are most affected by the storm were suburbs on the West Rand.

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Centre management said it’s still assessing the damage with initial investigation report to be released on Tuesday morning.

In the meantime, the alert issued by the Weather Service is that the storm could shift towards Johannesburg and Ekurhuleni metros. This could last until 7pm.

The department also issued a warning for “road flooding in the Joburg‚ Sandton and surrounding areas due to heavy rainfall this afternoon‚” adding “please take care.”

Amid the extreme weather condition that saw dangerously big hailstones hit Gauteng, residents have been posting pictures and videos on social media showing the impact of the storm.

Some of the pictures captured the size of the hailstones while others show the havoc wreaked by the storm.

Last week, the South African Weather Service (SAWS) issued precautions to take during flooding and extreme stormy weather expected over the country from 4th to 7th October.

SAWS said a cold front moved over the country, causing windy, rainy and cold conditions in the Western and Northern Cape provinces. It warned that some of the expected thunderstorms would become severe over time and would progressively spread to east and last for a few days.

Apparently, we are yet to see the end of it.