Watch: Brickz Talks About His Experience With Drugs And Beef With DJ Cleo


After ten years of beef, musician Sipho Ndlovu, popularly known as Brickz MaBrigado, has reconnected with his counterpart DJ Cleo.

It’s been ten years since the two went their separate ways after Brickz reportedly said DJ Cleo was gay. However, they seem to have buried the hatchet.

Speaking to Phat Joe on Real Goboza, DJ Cleo revealed that drugs caused most of their problems. He also used the opportunity to urge young people to stay away from drugs.

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“We’ve never really come out about it, but obviously I was protective of him, but now it’s just the perfect moment to say it strained a perfect relationship. And now that he’s clean – two years clean – we’re back to making music and making people dance.”

Brickz who has been very vocal about overcoming his drug habit and how it almost ruined his life, revealed that he spent R2 million while trying to stay high.

Nevertheless, he’s now clean and has been for two years. Though DJ Cleo does not drink or smoke, Brickz said it was not about doing what others were doing but doing what is right.

In their interview on RGB, Brickz and Cleo opened up on what went wrong in their friendship. Back in the late 2000s, the duo created many hits together. This was before their beef which lasted for ten years.

DJ Cleo blamed the feud on drugs which he said made Brickz “untouchable”.

“He was untouchable. This is the perfect platform to come out and tell you not to do drugs. It (the drugs) strained a perfect relationship. He has been clean for two years. We are back to making music and making people dance again.”

Notwithstanding, after a decade of beef, they reunited and released a single‚ Amafluit. They went right into the studio on the day that they met and produced the song. Seven days later they were on the popular SABC1 TV show.

Watch DJ Cleo and Brickz interview below;