Watch: Bonang Fan Tears Up Upon Meeting Her Idol At An Event


An ardent Bonang fan was caught on camera screaming her head off after coming in contact with her idol.

The fan was fortunate to bump into Bonang at a stadium and couldn’t believe her luck. TV personality Bonang Matheba is known to make out time for her fans. She usually takes the time to speak to them and also indulge them by taking photos.

Bonang Fan

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As a result of her commitment to making them feel good, Bonang’s fan base has continued to grow over the years. For the most part, a lot of them are crazy about her to the point of doing some crazy things to show their love.

While some fans have had her name tattooed on their bodies, some others have borrowed some tips from her admirable style and fashion.

Quite recently, one Bonang fan was so emotional that she almost lost her mind. Apparently, she could not believe she was seeing her idol in real life. Besides, B was all cuddly and friendly with her that she burst into tears and was shaking with the excitement. In an attempt to calm her down, Queen B hugged and wiped her tears much to the fan’s shock.

Watch the footage of a Bonang fan freaking out;

Soon, fans will start keeping up with the Queen B as she aims at launching her own reality TV show later this year. Bonang made the show Instagram official in March. She also revealed that the show will be called Being Bonang. Surely, we didn’t expect anything other than fabulous coming from the Queen herself.

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The crew has already started following B to everywhere and filming her at all times of the day. This practically means we will get to see more of the TV personality. Thus, Bonang Matheba who shares a lot on social media will get a better opportunity to let fans into her world.

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