Watch: DJ Black Coffee Performs Live From Ibiza For BBC Radio


South African record producer DJ Black Coffee performed live at Café Mambo in Ibiza for BBC’s Radio 1.

The radio station hosts live performances from the biggest artists in the world on the island during the hottest months of the year. Black Coffee who has a residency in Ibiza is touring Europe throughout the Northern Hemisphere’s summer.

Black Coffee’ live performance for Radio 1 was uploaded to BBC’s YouTube page on Tuesday, 8 August. The video has already been viewed thousands of times.

Watch it here;

Last month, Black Coffee got his own radio show on Apple’s Beats 1 radio station. He debuted a new track with Burna Boy and Swizz Beatz on the first episode of the self-titled show.

The house music maestro’s show on Beats 1 went live on Friday, July 28 at 8PM SA time. Black Coffee shares exclusive mixes and unreleased tracks on the new show with a guest mix from fellow South African producer Da Capo.

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While the local DJ has made a mix for Beats Radio before, he still feels excited about the opportunity to serve the South African ‘Coffee’ to the world on a whole new level.

Speaking about the gig in a recent interview, DJ Black expressed his excitement to expose SA music to the world.

“The thing about South African music is that there are a lot of songs that have big potential to be internationally recognised. Like a lot of the music Kent is doing – I feel like if the same song was by Calvin Harris, it would blow up on the Billboard charts. Because it’s exposed to the right people. That’s what I want to try and do with this show. This is an opportunity to expose our music to the world.”

DJ Black Coffee was recently recognised once again for the great work he’s doing in the industry in the 2017 DJ Awards.