Watch Your Back, There are Many Killer-Drivers Out There


Information from Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) revealed that over 3,000 motorists have been arrested on South African roads for drunk driving, reckless and negligent driving, speeding and  possession of false documents.

Precisely, 3, 078 motorists were arrested and, they were nabbed just between 1 December to the 16th.

As revealed, the highest number of arrests for driving under the influence of alcohol was recorded in Gauteng. 1,639 motorists were arrested for the crime.

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Also, the Free State recorded the highest number of arrests for speed with the arrest of 113 motorists.

RTMC said:

“Traffic officers conducted 258 roadblocks in all provinces and issued traffic fines to 152,243 motorists for transgression of traffic regulations.

More than 10,000 drivers were given notices failing to wear seat belts while 1,426 were given fines for talking on the cell-phones while driving.”

Adding that roadblocks and traffic law enforcement operations will be intensified this week from Friday, 23 December when motorists will be travelling to various destinations RTMC divulged that:

“High traffic volumes were experienced on 15 and 16 December when factory workers and migrants began their journeys to the countryside and coastal areas.

“Traffic volumes were highest between 10am till 10pm on both days with more than 2 000 vehicles per hour recorded passing through the tollgates on the N3 south towards the coast.”

Before now, government charged South Africans to be more vigilant as December period is known for an increase in road travel.

“Road safety is a responsibility of every South African. If a person is intoxicated, he or she must not get behind the wheel but should make alternative arrangements for transport.

“The cost of road accidents to our economy is R142,95 billion, each life lost is priceless.”

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“In the euphoria that is usually experienced during this season, we must remain cognisant of the economic impact of road carnage and not allow this to circumvent our common vision and objectives as spelled out by the National Development Plan to eradicate unemployment, poverty and inequality,” begged the government.