Watch Babes Wodumo’s Performance That Got Tongues Wagging


Babes Wodumo’s performance on 19 December in East London got tongues wagging because the singer allegedly refused to perform in her usual lively manner.

After the performance, a lot of opinions emerged regarding the lifeless show which the singer put up in East London. A lot of people had different things to say about the performance even without witnessing it or even watching a footage of it.

However, we now have a video which has since gone viral, showing Babes Wodumo’s performance at the Buyel’Ekhaya Music Festival that got everyone talking.

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And though Babes has said she was bullied onto the stage before the performance, fans and concertgoers are not happy. She said the event organisers threatened her life and forced her on stage with the help of a security team.

Watch Babes Wodumo’s performance here;

Consequently, fans lashed out at the singer for not bringing her A-game to the stage. Thus, Babes posted a video on Instagram, accusing event founder Nomahlubi Mazwai of abusing her verbally. In addition, Babes said Mazwai threatened to kill her moments. This was before she was bullied to go on stage with the help of security guards.

Afterward, via a lengthy statement posted to the event’s official Facebook page, Buyel’Ekhaya took shots at Babes, denying all her allegations. Through a 17 point response to the allegations made, the organisers explained how musician Babes Wodumo violated contract agreements after collecting 75% of her performance fee.

According to the organisers, Babes did not just miss her call time (01:35am), she also insisted on taking a bath even though she was late. When she finally got to the venue, she refused to perform.

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“Babes Wodumo was paid a deposit of 75% (R75,000.00) of her performance fee on 21 October 2016.”

The statement revealed a lot things including what the singer collects per gig.

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