Was DJ Sumbody Married? Who Was His Wife and Did He Have a Baby Mama?

DJ Sumbody was not married but had a longtime partner identified as Tlotlo. The DJ also didn’t have a baby mama as he never had a child before his death.

For several years, the late record producer kept his love life private. It was only after his death that information about his personal life was leaked to the public. Though Tlotlo and DJ Sumbody dated for 12 years, the long-term relationship didn’t produce a child.

Who Was DJ Sumbody’s Wife?

Oupa John Sefoka, professionally known as DJ Sumbody, was in a long-term relationship with Tlotlo, but the two never got married. Tlotlo, however, referred to herself as DJ Sumbody’s wife in a tribute she penned for her slain beau. Also, DJ Sumbody’s younger sister, Thandiwe Sefoka, referred to Tlotlo as his brother’s wife. This is a testament to their longevity and bond.

However, DJ Sumbody’s mother, in a tribute she wrote for her son, narrated her agony for not witnessing her son’s marriage before his passing and also not being able to carry her grandchildren from him.

Going by his mom’s tribute, it seemed that DJ Sumbody didn’t pay Tlotlo’s lobola or get married to her at the Department of Home Affairs office.

Furthermore, Koketso Sefoka, DJ Sumbody’s younger brother, confirmed that Tlotlo is only his brother’s partner and not his wife when he paid tribute to him at his memorial. He only referred to Tlotlo as his brother’s partner. And part of his statement read, “We’ve been robbed. We’ve been robbed of a brother, a son to my mother, a partner to Tlotlo… I’m shattered.”

Tlotlo’s Emotional Tribute to DJ Sumbody

During DJ Sumbody’s memorial service held at the Lewende Woord Church in Centurion, Gauteng, on November 23rd, 2022, Ttotlo’s tribute to her late partner was read by the DJ’s sister, Thandiwe, as she was still in shock.

In the heartwarming tribute, Tlotlo said that she was consumed with pain and heartbreak as she and DJ Sumbody had planned many things to do together.

She also added that the 12 years they spent together were filled with love, laughter, and pain. She then lauded the late record label executive for the leadership role he played not just in their home but in his immediate family as well. She was thankful to have been a part of his journey to success and was proud of the man he became, having lifted him with her support.

Furthermore, DJ Sumbody’s partner asserted that seeing him achieve everything he spoke and dreamed about when he was broke was truly a blessing that won’t be taken for granted.

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Also, in her tribute, she appreciated her partner’s bodyguard, Sbu, who also died with him the same day as he dedicated his life to protecting the famed artist.

She then ended the tribute by appreciating her family for accepting Sefoka into their lives. She also thanked DJ Sumbody’s mother for giving her a warm embrace in her household and, equally, his family for their love and unwavering support.

Did DJ Sumbody Have a Baby Mama?

No, DJ Sumbody didn’t have a baby mama. Though he dated and co-inhabited with Tlotlo for a long time, the two never had a child together. It seemed that they planned not to start a family until they must have tied the knot. Aside from his relationship with his partner, the ‘Azul’ crooner also dated a few other women, but the romantic affairs didn’t produce any child.

DJ Sumbody’s Side Chick Drama

Three days after the death of DJ Sumbody, his alleged side chick, Buhle Hlehle, took to Instagram to share a romantic video of them as a tribute to him. Of course, the video raised eyebrows and also caused serious backlash. One of those who found it very offensive was Thandiwe Sefoka, DJ Sumbody’s sister.

She quickly bashed Buhle in a message asking her to respect their family and his brother’s wife. Thobeka questioned the lady’s motive for sharing such a video and added that her action was very insensitive and distasteful. Ending the message, DJ Sumbody’s sister called Buhle Hlehle a wanna-be glorified side chick who’s not even recognized.

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