The Guptas Coming Back To SA? Truth Or Prank?


Just weeks after South Africans thought that the country’s out-of-favour family, Guptas have said finally goodbye to the rainbow nation, another shocking revelation about the controversial family has emerged. Well, the source of the revelation cannot be doubted because the said ‘union’ openly made it known to all and sundry that it would be meeting with the Guptas family for an important issue.

So, for as many that had wished the heavily-connected family eternal exit from the country (especially most political parties and Zuma’s critics), their nightmare has inevitably turned scarier. And the head and tail of it is that the Indian-South African family will hop back to South Africa in no distant time.

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Revealing the damning news, Cosatu president Sdumo Dlamini confirmed that the union leadership sat with the Gupta family last week and that the family related that they merely travelled to India for a family marriage and would be back soon.

Dlamini said;

“Our mission behind meeting the Guptas last week was about the jobs that were at stake if they [the Guptas] decided to leave the country.”

Dlamini, who spoke at Cosatu’s Chris Hani memorial lecture in Pietermaritzburg on Thursday night however stated that the union has never supported the family’s alleged state capture move but added that “If we find that they are doing the same, we will crush them.”

Commenting about banks that severed ties with the Gupta family, Dlamini accused them of double standards.

He asserted that, “When these companies were penalised at the insistence of the competition commission the banks continued doing business them and found nothing wrong with that. What we see them [the banks] doing to the Guptas is selective punishment.”

Thereafter, he enjoined Cosatu members to be watchful of the union’s enemies, including opposition parties and civil society organisations, which he accused of pursuing a regime change agenda. He added that leaders of civil society formations are individuals who pick certain campaigns but have no wish of taking responsibility, so be careful of them. They can never be trusted because they drive the agendas of their funders all the time.

He also called on members to learn to settle their scores within party structures. Dlamini added that as long as problems cause divisions within the alliance – whether they are over candidate lists for local government elections [or] outcomes of conferences – they need to be addressed because if they are not our enemies will win.

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He also told them to avoid sending mixed signals to fellow comrades and added that the stance of Cosatu is clear including its support of the ANC in the elections.

For President Jacob Zuma’s apology over the Nkandla saga, the union reiterated that it fully accepted the president’s apology. The union also welcomed government’s decision to deploy three Cabinet ministers to engage this country’s major four banks on their decision to cut ties with Oakbay Investments.

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