The World Is Waging A Stop-Selling-Dog-Meat War With The South African Government


I don’t know where they got this from, but as claimed, the South African government is worried that South Africans will starve to death due to the drought, and is to approve the selling of dog, cat and snake meat at shops and restaurants. To war against that, a Stop-Selling-Dog-Meat petition has gathered individuals all over the world to challenge the South African government’s move.

According to the petition, “the South African government wants dog, cat and snake meat to be sold in shops and restaurants, claiming that, due to the drought, people will starve”.

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The Stop-Selling-Dog-Meat argument states that “there is no threat of starvation in this country and there are hundreds of sources of food, so the consumption of dog, cat and snake meat is completely unnecessary and a totally abhorrent concept.

It would also open up millions of possibilities for abuse, as well as theft of people’s beloved pets, and many other horrendous acts. Please don’t let this vile practice become legal in our beautiful country.

Please protect our precious pets. Please do the right thing. Vote against the sale and consumption of dog meat in South Africa.”


The petition has garnered supports from citizens in countries like Germany, United Kingdom, Indonesia, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Israel, and Morocco who are all demanding the South African government to get their hands off the pet animals.

South Africans as well reacted to the petition. Check out some of the reactions below

Nikki Mountifield: No way, never ever, sick joke or what!

Marizaan Visagie: Hell no leave our dogs and cats alone

Lisa Goodman: I would rather starve to death than eat dogs and cats. This is cruel and unacceptable!!!!

Louis Smith: Never. It will be like eating one of your children

Chris Van Der Westhuizen: Are we all now becoming Chinese????

Theresa Watermeyer: have no words!! Clearly, our government has completely lost the plot. This will NOT happen on our watch. Far too much Chinese influence…

MALCOLM DORFMAN: Dogs and cats are pets and are regarded as family members. To consider and utilize them as sources of food is absolutely horrendous, vile and disgusting, somewhat akin to cannibalism.

Pearl Cassim: when we run out of dog/cat/snake meat…will our children be next?!

Tilla Venter: What a disgrace that our country can consider this. These animals are unclean to humans as per Leviticus 11.

Chantal Whitfield: This is not only horrid, these are pets, there is a lot of food on this earth, we do not have to eat meat IF it comes to that, and it will also encourage theft of our pets, pets that are like children to us. Whoever decided on this can have no morals or compassion at all.

Annette Braxton: This is beyond disgusting and horrible. We are a civilized nation and we can not allow this to happen. It will not stop with dogs, all animals will be in a danger of being stolen, sold, killed and eaten. We can live without meat! Stop this madness!!

Henda Myburgh: I vote against the sale and consumption of dog, cat or snake meat in South Africa please stop this horrific, disgraceful practice animals also do have rights ….., please please!!

Caroline Ferreira: NO NO NO they can’t do that with our beloved pets


Irene Johnson: This would be the end of this country for me. Disgraceful! Will set back all animal rights.

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