Former ANC MP Opens Up On Why She Sent Her Son To Jail


I hope you remember the name Vytjie Mentor.

She was the former South African member of Parliament and African National Congress (ANC) comrade who first alleged that the Guptas family dangled a ministerial post to her which she refused.

Mentor is one of the South African mothers battling the war on drugs after her son turned a drug addict, causing a lot of stress to her family.

She disclosed that after she couldn’t bear the pains and disgrace anymore, she handed him over to the police last November.

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“I got an interdict against him in November last year. I have taken him to rehab twice already. He is aggressive and is getting dangerous. He sold all his valuables and he broke the flatscreen TV in his room, probably to get a substance from it,” the teary eyed mother said.

Vytjie Mentor Recounts Son’s Plight

Though she admitted that she was partly behind her son’s unethical behaviour – by chasing work instead of devoting time for his welfare, Mentor said she first suspected her son was on drugs in 2012, but confirmed it the next year.

Vytjie Mentor said: “What made me suspicious was that he was a very diligent scholar, but his grades started falling. There were even complaints at school that he started back-chatting teachers. Then he stopped going to school.

My son is a very humble boy. But when he started using dagga, his character changed and he began sleeping too much.

There was a time when I was very hard on myself – I blamed myself in the early stages of his addiction – but I’m over that now. I knew I gave him grounded parenting.”

She recalled on Tuesday that her strict parenting style led her to obtain an interdict against him from a court in Cape Town, compelling him not to bring drugs into her home but he later violated the interdict.

She however disclosed that her son, who turned 21 on Wednesday was released from custody after family members came to his rescue.

Although she refused to confirm that she dropped the charges against him, Mentor said her son vowed not to kill her after she told him how former SABC journalist Hope Zinde was murdered by her son because of drug use.

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Hope was buried last week at the Hellenic Community Hall in Pretoria after details emerged in court of how her son Mark, struggled with drug addiction.

Zinde’s death highlights the scourge of drug abuse in South African communities. Many voices who spoke during her funeral called on appropriate authorities to speedily confront the problem of drug use and traffick in South Africa.