2017 Valentine’s Day: 5 Criteria To Qualify As Vusi Nova’s Dream Woman


As Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, everyone is trying hard to make sure they have a date and musical artist Vusi Nova is not ready to fall behind.

Though the R& B star is known for his love songs which he uses to serenade his fans, he is still single. Well, the good news is – he’s presently in the market in search of the woman of his dreams.

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“I broke up with someone around September last year when my last album came out and I have been single ever since. I am open to finding love. I still believe in love. I honestly believe she is still out there‚” Vusi said.

vusi nova

However, before you start getting ideas in your head, the singer actually set a standard for his love life. Undoubtedly, there are a bunch of women who would line up to date the star especially now that he has declared that he’s searching.

Notwithstanding, it won’t be a walk in park as they will have to fit the criteria which Vusi has set for his potential date.

“I’m just looking for someone who loves themselves. Someone who is giving. Someone with goals. Someone that I can build with. As long we get along and the chemistry is there‚” Vusi said.

His conditions sound reasonable and we hope he finds that person in time for Valentine’s Day.

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In the meantime, while he hopes to get hooked up soon, Vusi Nova has other plans for this year’s season of love. The singer will be spending his Valentine’s Day at the Wanderers Rugby Club, performing for fans at a special event in Johannesburg called Evening of Love.

Other celebs including – Nathi‚ Ntando‚ Thami‚ Tebogo Louw‚ Amanda‚ Bongani Radebe will also grace the stage.