Vusi Nova Opens Up About The Challenges He Faced In Life


Vusi Nova used his recently released album Naninina to portray the pain he has had to carry with him for a very long time.

Apparently, the album changed a lot things about the singer who opened up about being too ashamed to tell people that his mother died of HIV.

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In a recent interview, Vusi revealed that Naninina helped him to face the realities of life. It also healed all the pain he’s suffered in the past which pushed him to drugs. Notably, the singer lost both parents and had to seek solace in drugs.

According to the singer, it took him time to come to terms with his mother’s death whom he often told people died of cancer. He said that after his mother passed, he was very scared to tell people she died of HIV. Thus, he carried the burden around, resorting to drugs to numb the pain.

“At some point I used to lie to people and say my mother died of cancer because I was afraid to say my mother had HIV,” he told the local publication.
“I was too scared to say I once took drugs to numb pain.”

The singer was not just try some drugs in the past, he was addicted to them. In another interview with Gareth Cliff on Cliffcentral, Vusi explained that he literally took cocaine throughout the day and Mandrax in the evenings to guarantee a good night rest.

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“[I took] coke literally throughout the day. I would go and buy the stuff for like 10 grand, and just sit and smoke. And obviously in the evening, now I can’t sleep, so I have to go back to the Mandrax [to bring me down].”

As a result of his addiction, the singer was set back hundreds of thousands. Meanwhile, after all said and done, Vusi nova is hoping to fall in love someday.