Voting Against Zuma Would Be Treated As Highest Betrayal, Mantashe Warns ANC MPs 


ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe, has warned ANC MPs that voting against Zuma with opposition parties in the motion of no confidence would be regarded as “the highest betrayal”.

Mantashe made this assertion when he was commenting on the belief that many ANC MPs will vote with opposition parties against Mr Zuma if the Constitutional Court okays a secret ballot for the motion of no confidence vote.

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He told News24 that “it would be (the) highest level of ill-discipline, the highest level of betrayal, the worst,” he upheld.

The ANC secretary general contended that the essential feature of organisational discipline “is the ability to suppress your emotional feeling. If you can’t suppress your emotional feeling, we can’t talk organisational discipline of any sorts.”

Having said that, Mr Mantashe acknowledged that it’s not abnormal for the ANC MPs to be unhappy with certain decisions made by President Zuma. But then, he urged the MPs to embrace defeat if they lose the debate about such decisions within the party.

“When they fight in the ANC,” he said, “there is always a chance of losing a debate and, that is what you must build into the system.”

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He added that it’s not cool for the MPs to go about screaming they have been “Mantashed” when they put issues forward and lose the debate on the issue.

“We have a duty to sort ourselves out, the horizon might be longer or shorter but it is us who have the obligation to sort ourselves out.

“…What you don’t do, because your father is a drunkard, is throw him to the thugs. That will be the worst day of my life when ANC members follow the command of the opposition,” Mantashe stated.

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