DA Leader Maimane Described As Whites’ Puppet


Democratic Alliance (DA) leader has been described as whites’ puppet.

A Turfloop resident, Mokheri Marapyane, alleged this when she disclosed her of state confusion to reporters.

Just like Marapyane, most South Africans are still indecisive on which party to vote for.

No doubt, each party has distinctive traits; the EFF is widely known as a radical party; the DA is labelled ‘an-apartheid-like party’ while the ANC is lately described as a party covered with dark clouds.

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Moving on, Marapyane, a first-time voter said she is yet to decide whether to cast her vote for the DA or EFF.

The assertive young lady said she feels uncomfortable with Maimane because he is being controlled by the whites. On the other hand, Malema would have been a good bet, save for his warmongering politicking.

Mokheri Marapyane Still Indecisive

She said: “I’m stuck between DA and EFF. I believe that in the DA, Mmusi Maimane is just a front and the white people are telling him what to do.

When it comes to the EFF, they just like to fight, but if Mmusi Maimane and the EFF leader [Julius Malema] were to combine and be one person, that party would be able to lead our nation.”

However, despite Marapyane’s irresolution, she remained adamant that the ANC would not get her vote because the party has gone astray.

“I believe the ruling party now is no longer the same from the previous years. Things have changed and they are only looking out for themselves. Whenever they get money, they look out for their families,” she alleged.

Many have described the upcoming election as the most important since 1994. Last week, there were speculations that the DA and ANC could have a coalition in August.

A political analyst, Daniel Silke, however opined that the election month might witness a spate of coalition governments in both metros and local municipalities across the country.