There Is No Logic In The Poor And The Rich Paying Same Amount For Services – Malema


According to Julius Malema, all you need to do is vote EFF in the coming elections and they will do things the way they should be done.

The party promises to make the rich in the society pay more for services like water and electricity. This will be the case in all municipalities it will control after August 3 elections.

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Party leader Julius Malema yesterday condemned the current system where residents are charged the same for services irrespective of their economic status.

“If I work in parliament, where MPs earn almost R1-million, and you don’t work, what equality is there if we (both) have to pay the same for water and electricity?

He blamed the ANC for exploiting poor people who cannot speak for themselves. He encouraged people to vote EFF for change.

“What kind of logic is that? That is not equality. You did not choose to be poor. Apartheid made you poor and the ANC is making you poorer.

“That is why we are saying there must be special prices or a special billing system for rich people and poor people.”

The EFF leader Malema was on the campaign trail to get people to vote EFF. Speaking to a 200-strong crowd on a mucky football pitch in Dibate, Mafikeng, North West, Malema promised to fulfill the promises the ANC failed to.

He also spoke on the expropriation of land by government without compensation.

“When white people took our land, they took out something in us.

“Land is identity and without land you do not have identity.

“That is why we are fighting for land. “We need brave people who are going to take brave decisions and the EFF can do that.”

From the EFF’s perspective, the extent to which municipal services are utilized will not determine how much one has to pay. As long as you are rich, You just have to pay more and that’s it.

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Malema also spoke on education and its importance in building a strong society. He lamented that poor education of many blacks affect how they see themselves in relation to other races.

“When we are uneducated, we feel very small. We do not have confidence.

“That is why we have to educate the young ones,” he said.