Vavi Apologizes Again For Partaking In The Plot That Ousted Mbeki As President


“Never make friends with people fighting with the enemy without asking what the fight is about,” Vavi advised as he again begged South Africans to forgive him for the role he played to help dethrone Thabo Mbeki.

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He was having a discourse on the functionalities and sustainability of trade union in South Africa at the annual “Woordfees” with Solidarity’s Flip Buys and Jan de Lange (journalist) in Stellenbosch when he tendered the apology.

According to Vavi, Cosatu is still suffering because of their affiliation with the ANC, and the close relationship between the union and the party has made Cosatu an ANC image.

Talking about the Polokwane palace revolution Vavi said, “I apologize to the country for that mistake, for getting it so wrong. We were angry, and found anyone willing to challenge him and raised them up.

We were angry because he was an Aids denialist, and thousands of our people were dying…we are still paying very dearly for it.”

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Vavi said the reason for his apologies is that there were other motives surrounding the struggle to get rid of Mbeki and that he never gave the agitation a second thought.

“We were naive,” he pleaded and disclosed that “others were scared of losing government posts. There were many agendas. That’s why I am apologizing.

With the foregoing, Vavi vowed to keep up his campaign for an independent trade union that will operate without any affiliation to political parties. “The only pressure should come from our members, not from organisations who think they can control us,” he declared.

Speaking, Flip Buys hinted that the idea of having a trade union with no political affiliation should be welcomed. To Buys, the nation must get right “the fight against corruption (and) poor governance. We need to get it right,” he iterated.

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