SA Slackens Visa Requirement For Kenyans


You’ll get to meet more Kenyans in South Africa, for according to reports, South Africa has relaxed visa requirements for Kenyans coming into the country.

This follows the out come of a diplomatic gathering between representatives of both nations in Nairobi today. There, it was agreed that South Africa will adjust its visa rules to favor Kenyans.

Confirming this, Home Affairs Minister – Malusi Gigaba pointed out that the essence of enabling easy movement for Kenyans into South Africa is to strengthen the relations between the two countries.

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“We agreed to extend a 10 year multiple entry visa to South Africa for Kenyan business people and academics.

We also informed our colleagues that Kenyan students studying in South Africa will be offered a long term visa which will be aligned to their course of study, and that those who are completing their high school studies in South Africa will be offered a long term visa so that they are able to transit to South Africa without any bureaucratic hindrances,” Gigaba related.

The Minister further stated that South Africa has decided that students, and those who desire immediate permanent residency in South Africa should get critical skills visas, “so that they can continue to contribute to the economy of our country and that of the region.

Data from Higher Education in South Africa indicates that there is an 8% increase in the number of international students in South African universities most of whom are from African countries,” Gigaba added.

Also, both nations agreed that South Africa will waive the requirement for transit visas for travelers passing through the country into neighboring nations.

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“All of these decisions” according to Gigaba, “are taken so that we continue to cement relations between our two countries.

We believe very firmly that Africa is the future and therefore we must do everything to ease travel of bona-fide travelers across the continent,” he asserted.