Violated Farm Workers Rise Against DA Member Athol Trollip’s Family


Athol Trollip is Democratic Alliance’s mayoral candidate for Nelson Mandela Bay whose family has received a lot of tongue lash concerning the way they treat their farm workers.

The predicament of farm workers who toiled in Athol Trollip’s family farm has gained serious attention especially since the poor farm workers could no longer swallow their agony after nursing the pains of severe humiliation from the family.

Athol and his entire family have been accused of violating and maltreating the people and treating them like animals rather than human beings. The family’s farm is located Bedford in the Eastern Cape.

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On Sunday, the ANC made it known that it is set to take the family to South African Human Rights Commission for further actions. The party said that the need to cushion the plight of the farm workers came after the affected workers laid their complaints. Reports said that the poor workers were compelled to work on Athol’s farms from dawn to dusk without having a break.

The ANC received the farmers’ written statement on how they were violated by Athol Trollip and his family. Not only that, the poor farm workers maintained that the DA mayor paid a deaf ear to their ordeal, irrespective of the fact that he was aware of their plight. The farm workers in their statement said that the incidence took place between 2005-2010.

Throwing more light on the matter, ANC national spokesperson Zizi Kodwa said, “For now, we cannot divulge the full information, but the farm workers who experienced this inhuman treatment have told us that they were forced to work from early morning until late at night, without taking a break”.

Truly, the ANC is not really in support of the inhumane and callous treatment received by the workers. The party said it has set plans to remind the family the importance of human rights by throwing its weight behind the poor farm workers.

“[They] also told us that Athol Trollip knew about how they were treated, but he did nothing. He should have stopped it because apparently, he was always at the farm,” he said.

Athol Trollip was once a member of the National Assembly. He was also a member of the Provincial Legislature of the Eastern Cape Province, for the opposition Democratic Alliance.

Meanwhile, Trollip has reacted to the matter, he promised to sue ANC for defaming his character. He argued that “the ANC is welcome to do whatever they want to do, I have already spoken to my lawyer and sued for defamation of character,” he said.

He accused a journalist of masterminding the whole problem. He said that the journalist showed him an unsigned affidavit by his farm workers last year. In conclusion, Trollip vehemently vowed to drag the journalist to court. He said,

“The journalist who showed me the affidavits got them from Troon. He is the one who is responsible for these affidavits, I know it’s him, and I will see him in court,” he said.

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