Bizarre: Man Spends £40,000 On 110 Surgeries To Become A Genderless Alien


In an effort to become a sexless alien, a 22-year-old American lad, Vinny Ohh has confessed to spending $50,000 on 110 surgeries.

Ohh, from Los Angeles in California, made the startling confession while revealing plans to have his genitals, nipples and belly button removed.

The removal of his nipples, belly button and genitals is said to be estimated to take place at the $160,000 (£130,000) – which he expressed willingness to fork out.

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Ohh, a make-up artist said he took the move because he believes he’s neither male or female; and wanted his outer body to reflect how he sees himself inside. He also wears a very large black contact lenses, which he likened to a “pearl necklace”.

The American makeup artist maintained that he doesn’t want people to classify him as either a male or female; adding that wants his genitals removed since he could survive without them.

He said: ‘I don’t want people to think I’m trying to change into a woman. I could live without sexual organs so why should I have a penis or a vagina.

I want to be a sexless alien being, I want my outside to reflect how I feel on the inside. The overall image I want to do is an alien. I want to be a hybrid, not male or female. I’ve wanted to be sexless and genderless since I was 17, I’ve been going to doctors to see if it’s possible but had no luck.”

Foreign media outlet, the DailyMail reported that Ohh began his cosmetic adventure at the age of 17. He started with lip fillers, followed by two rhinoplasties, multiple cheeks and then brow bone fillers and more. Rhinoplasty is a surgery performed on the nose.

He was forced to start the multiple cosmetic surgeries after feeling like an outcast while growing up, according to report. Ohh added that he wants to be “me” and not to be labeled a gay, bi, trans and others.

On what the public think about him, Ohh said he enjoys being in the limelight because of his appearance. While some idolize his weird appearance, he said others try to physically hurt him when he goes out.

Vinny Ohh said: ‘I don’t look real and people love it. Some people have said they want their kids to be like me and that I’m an inspiration for children who don’t feel like they belong.

Other times I’ve had shopping carts chucked at me or I’ve been considered a sexual object by men and woman, I’m used to not fitting in.”

Meanwhile, media outlets confirmed that the make-up artist will soon grace America’s hot TV show – The Plastics of Hollywood. The show is a platform that brings together and equally nurtures the talent of real-life plastic surgery addicts.

When next Vinny Ohh hits the cosmetic room, he plans to carry out the following surgeries: Genital removal, Nipple removal, Belly button removal, Forehead realignment, Ear pinning, Nose job, Eyelid revision, Jaw implants and Cheek implants.

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His 110 surgeries include: 35 whole body and face laser treatments, 5 botox sessions, 5 nose procedures, 1 botox under the eyes, 5 facial peels, 20 cryo facial freezing12 cheek fillers, 2 brow fillers, 15 lip fillers and 10 fillers for random wrinkles.

This is weird!