Video: Zim’s Rapper Stunner Thrashed By Wife Online


Without holding back any detail, the wife of award-winning rapper Desmond Stunner Chideme has bared his dirty linen for the world to see.

In a lengthy tell it all video, Olinda Chapel opened a can of worms on her husband. In the video, she narrated how the rapper has been cheating on her with under-aged girls.

In the video, she narrated how the rapper has been cheating on her with under-aged girls.

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Apparently, Olinda couldn’t take it anymore and took to social media on Thursday to upload the mind-blowing video. The video containing the Facebook Live rant was shared on several channels on YouTube and has since gone viral in the couple’s home country of Zimbabwe.


In the video which lasted for thirteen minutes, a distressed Olinda claimed that her husband, Stunner had been cheating on her with 19 and 20-year-olds. What’s more, he brings “his young girlfriends” into their home which she claims she paid for.

“I stood by that man. I protected him. I did every single thing for him. I did it from my own hard work,” Olinda said.

Aside the house, Olinda also claims she’s the one that foots all the bills, including the fancy cars and designer clothes the rapper is usually seen in. According to her, she does literally everything for the guy and got cheating and disrespect in return. She also claims he’s even ashamed of her in public, calling her fat.

Thus, she declared war on him, hoping to hurt him badly with the video.

“I want to hurt this guy where it hurts the most because he is out there pretending like life is all good, when it was me. This guy could not even afford to pay his rent and then he does this to me. Blaming me like I am the problem. I have voice notes where he is texting me, telling me: “I can’t be this rapper with the fattest girl in the clubs,” she added.

An emotional Olinda also revealed how she had been told countless times by people around her that her husband was an “ass” and that she should leave him. However, she decided to stand by her man but now she’s having nothing but regrets.

Towards the end of the video, Olinda gathered a handful of unidentified pills, ready to commit suicide by overdosing.

“This man wants to destroy my life. You have destroyed me to the last and it’s going to end here today. I am tired. I am tired of this man. I am tired,” she sobbed.

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Fortunately, a friend came to the rescue and interrupted the broadcast before she took the pills.

Stunner has not responded to the accusations brought against him by his wife.