Video: Tim Westwood Reveals The Secret Behind South African Women’s Big Bums


We all know that most South African women have this Nicki Minaj thing going on behind them and Tim Westwood couldn’t help but point it out during his visit.

Arguably, SA women are blessed with some of the best hips in the world that will leave you drooling with bulgy eyes if you ever pass one on the road.

The British DJ made it clear that he has a soft spot for everything in South Africa including the women. In fact, he laid more emphasis on the women, saying they are the reason he DJs.

Speaking to Slikour, Westwood said South African women are the reason he makes music.

“I DJ for the women…the women here make the party so lit, so turned up, so amazing. That is why the parties here are so beautiful,” he said.

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Before wrapping up his chat with Silkour, Westwood mentioned that his favourite food in South Africa was pap. He also thinks that pap is to blame for his infatuation with the women, because according to him, it is the secret behind the big bums.

“I love pap! It is my favourite dish. I can see why the back office (bum) is so big. It is because of the pap,” he said.

Watch Tim Westwood reveal his infatuation with South African Women;

Now, we all know about a lot of fake butts twerking around out there. However, SA women tend to have bums that can actually speak for themselves in a language that only the eyes can understand irrespective of gender.

Here’s a good example;

Tim Westwood

Tim Westwood

Mpho Khati is a South African woman who keeps wowing her Instagram followers with beautiful pictures of her mountainous posterior which got some asking; is this the table mountain that South Africa is famous for?

So, if you think you got what it takes to beat that, by all means, bring it on!