Video: Have You Seen Serena Williams Twerking? She Got Moves!


Prior to Rio, a video gone viral showed the world’s No. 1 female tennis player Serena Williams twerking towards some gold.

Make no mistake about this, her twerk is as good as her slam in the tennis court. If you thought Serena Williams rocks at tennis, then you need to see her twerk.

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Apparently, twerking isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when the name Serena comes to mind. But hey! With all the tennis tournaments she’s won, i’m sure she earned the right to twerk in victory.

Out of her magnanimity, the tennis champion decided to share some twerking tips for her fans all over the world. She believes that every now and then, it’s good to twerk and she wants to share her twerking talent.

“Everyone does twerking, everyone should at some point do a twerk,” she said in the video.

In the video, Serena emphasized on the need to do a warm up before the actual twerking. She also took turns to explain different moves and strategies including a warm up, a transition and then a ‘basic shake’ where she wiggled her posterior.

Now, the aforementioned stages were just preparatory moves that will lead to the main thing – the twerk. That’s apparently her favourite part of the whole exercise.

In her instruction, she pointed out that the best twerk can only be achieved when you maintain the perfect posture. The knees should be bent slightly and a bit low. With the tummy tight and the lower back arched, you have your perfect twerking posture.

“Slowly slide down, and twerk, and twerk,” she said as she concludes the lesson.

What Serena Williams Twerking

Now don’t get it twisted watching Serena Williams twerking will not stop the champ from bringing the trophy home. Williams has won four gold medals at the Olympic Games.